Why Your Kids Will Need A Makeover Too This Fall

If you thought giving your closet a winter makeover was strictly for us Moms, then think again. In fact, your kids too will need some attention when it comes to sorting out their winter wardrobe in preparation for the colder months of the year. Not only will your little darlings need a wardrobe that’s sturdy enough for outdoor play and extreme weather conditions, but it’s also worth them having a range of options that can be used for layering up when out and about, not to mention a few outfit choices for those flash winter parties or proms. So if you are stuck to know where to start, read on to find out why your kids need a makeover in time for fall too.

Wrapping up warm
Ultimately as a parent, your child’s warmth and well-being will remain top of your list of priorities when it comes to winter fashion choices. No matter the age of your little darlings, now is the time to ensure that they are adequately dressed and wrapped up warm to deal with lower temperatures and rapid weather changes; not to mention the increased risk of disease, bugs and seasonal illness that the colder months bring. When choosing items for your child’s closet, choose materials that are breathable and soft against sensitive skin – younger children and infants can suffer chaffing and redness if wet clothing has prolonged contact with their skin. Be sure to include a thicker coat or jacket too – as this is ideal for long walks in the park at weekends and the trip to school. Don’t forget accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves to make sure that your little darlings are prepared for the fall weather – and look the part also.

Party preparation
The fall season means that your children are more likely to have a hectic social calendar – just like us adults. So why not make sure that they are dressed to impress? Your kids are bound to get excited when it comes to party preparation, so keep an eye out for the Nickis Dior kids collection which offers a range of outfits that inject a whole lot of glitz, glamor and sparkle. Remember that kids love dressing up too, so be sure to spoil them in time for party season.

Peace of mind
Getting your children ready for the colder months will also guarantee you instant peace of mind as a parent. Not only are your kids now ready to face the elements, but they will also feel a lot more comfortable, and stylish, thanks to a fully fall-proof closet. Sometimes hand me downs just won’t do, so why not consider investing in a fall wardrobe over a period of time to make this more manageable? Remember to buy a slightly larger size too, as kids often have rapid growth spurts! All shopped out? Now you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your little darlings are all wrapped up and ready for all that fall decides to throw at them – plus they are bound to look fashionable.

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20 Responses to “Why Your Kids Will Need A Makeover Too This Fall

  • dd@kkdkkdkd.com'
    robin rue
    3 years ago

    My boys both grew, so they both needed new winter coats and boots this year. Cha ching… oh, and all new fall/winter clothes a size up.

  • Great ideas! I love having things ready to go. Today it was 38 in the morning and 78 in the afternoon. Layers, layers, layers!

  • I love shopping for my kids especially my youngest because the clothes for the little ones are just so adorable. I make sure they’re comfy as well. It’s really important that we prioritize them especially this cold season.

  • My boy would always come first before me. So of course, he too would need this make-over. Yeah, you got the right words there, “Peace of Mind”, only when they have exactly what they need, and sometimes what they want too.

  • I need to get my kids’ almost a whole new wardrobe lol my daughter has almost grown out of last year’s fall/winter clothes and my son was newborn last year so we for sure have like nothing for him haha

  • I am a planner and shop ahead of time for my daughter. She is well prepared for our mild winters in Florida. Thankfully we don’t have to really shop for winter clothes too much.

  • We have had sweater weather here until now but i know it will soon be cold and scarf and hat time. My son has last years jacket so I hope it still fits.

  • I feel like my kids get a makeover every season! I am jealous of them! LOL! I just bought the kids what feels like a whole new wardrobe for the upcoming seasons.

  • I always buy my litte ones something new for fall even if its something small and simple like a new beanie or pair of gloves!

  • We always forget about boots until it snows and then we don’t have anything to wear outside to go play.

  • My kids have basically outgrown everything from last year so I’ve already started loading up on a new winter wardrobe. Even though it doesn’t get too cold here it’s nice to have it just in case.

  • Starting getting your kids winter ready early is such a smart idea. I know my sister has had trouble finding new coats for the kids every year because they can sell out quickly.

  • Considering how many changes the weather can go through during fall and a number of activities kids have, it is so important to be prepared for whatever comes up.

  • You can never forget about the kids when it gets to these cold winter months. It is always a good time to update their closet too.

  • I was just going through my Kiddies closet this morning and realized we are due for a shopping trip very soon. They are all ready for a bit of a fall makeover.

  • Another makeover! It’s ever ending. I love shopping for my son, especially fall. Shopping is easy, keeping his skin moisturized is the hard part.

  • It’s best to get ready for things beforehand to avoid stress. Especially in preparing for holidays or parties or whatnot.

  • sixtimemommy@gmail.com'
    3 years ago

    Every spring and fall my kids get new clothes due to not fitting previous years clothing because of their growth spurts. I buy enough but not too much because they are constantly growing.

  • Great tips! We have six years between our daughters and although I tried to save most of our oldest’s winter jackets, I have no idea where they are! I better plan some time to look for them before it’s the middle of winter.

  • manicmamaof3@yahoo.com'
    3 years ago

    The changing of the seasons is definitely means for getting new winter jackets for sure. This time of year is when you get to see how much they have really grown!

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