Everyday Items That Are Cheaper in Summer

Everyday Items That Are Cheaper in Summer

There are certain things that are cheaper to buy at certain times of the year. Of course, summer is one of those times. Here are some things that are usually cheaper during the summer months.

Automobiles– Summer is the end of peak selling season in the automobile world. Because of this, many dealerships will have an array of great incentives and rebates during the summer months.

Computers– Many computer companies will slash prices on their computers, so they can start to gear up for the college rush.

Fruits & Vegetables– Some fruits and vegetables are in-season during the summer months, making them cheaper to buy than other times of the year. This is the perfect opportunity to buy and freeze these items. Fruits that are in-season in summer include cherries, lemons, limes, nectarines, peaches and strawberries and vegetables include beets, cucumbers, carrots, corn, radishes and zucchini.

Furniture- Most of the new furniture models come out in August, so in order to make space for these newer models, you will start to see a lot of furniture sales in July.

Grills– While the 4th of July is when many folks BBQ, after the holiday is done, you will see grill prices decline as retailers start making room for the newer grill models.

Gym Memberships– During the summer months, most people take to the outdoors for their exercise. This causes gym memberships to slow down in the summertime. To try and combat this, gyms will often offer huge sign-up deals in the summer.

Large Appliances
– Large appliances like dishwashers, dryers, washers and refrigerators will have their newest models released in September or October. So, retailers will slash their prices on these items to make room for the new inventory.

Paint- Why is paint cheaper in the summer? Because no one wants to do any painting when it is 90 degrees outside. Retailers are aware of this and will try to entice customers to buy paint in the summer by lowering prices.

What do you find to be cheaper in the summer?

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24 Responses to “Everyday Items That Are Cheaper in Summer

  • Ghg@hhh.com'
    Robin rue
    4 years ago

    I guess now is the time to join a gym. I had no idea they were cheaper in the summer!

  • who would of known that cars would be cheaper in the summer. good to know and keep in consideration. thanks for all this great info.

  • Wow I had no idea about some of these things!!! Especially gym memberships! Good to know! Now if only it was summer here in Australia right now!

  • I didn’t realize that cars were cheaper during the summer, I thought they’d be more expensive. This is an eye-opener for me! It would be nice to save on some of the items on this list and take advantage of their low prices during the summer!

  • Fall is the best time to buy a convertible. We purchased ours in the spring and had a lot of competition and of course there was very little wiggle room.

  • That’s pretty cool, we need to update my son’s laptop before he goes off to college and it would be nice to take advantage of the discounted prices. I think this is an awesome list! Thanks for sharing!

  • It makes sense that paint is cheaper in the summer but I had no idea that automobiles were too. That is handy to know if I ever decide to get a car!

  • I totally agree, especially on cars. They start wanting to get rid of the previous models to make room for the new years. Since they go more on the fiscal year and not the calendar year, summer is perfect for car shopping. I got my Jeep a few summers ago lol

  • I am so busy in our routine that I have never have time to compare offers or even look for what is cheaper when. This is so handy for people like me.

  • wilsonre09@gmail.com'
    Krystle Cook
    4 years ago

    I had no idea that some of these things would be cheaper in the summer. I need to get some of these while they are on sale.

  • angelacampos51@yahoo.com'
    Angela @marathonsandmotivation.com
    4 years ago

    This is a great post! I had not even thought about things being cheaper during the Summer, especially computers!!

  • Thanks for this info, I had no idea some of these were summer bargains!

  • My husband works in a car dealership and there are always good deals during the summer. I’ve noticed great prices for fruits and veggies and I like to go to the farmers market too!

  • rememberkim@verizon.net'
    Kimberly Croisant
    4 years ago

    Well, I’ve never thought about this. I didn’t know a grill would be cheaper in the summer, nor paint. Makes sense though. I wished airline tickets were cheaper!!

  • I bought a new computer 2 days ago. I was hoping to wait until August for back to school sales. But then my computer died so…. And actually, I think I got my computer at a pretty good price. So it seems that back to school sales had already started.

  • wow, I had no idea about a couple of those items, interesting about large appliances, now I know.

  • almostindianwife@gmail.com'
    4 years ago

    It’s crazy how many things are cheaper in the summer! We bought a ton of outdoor things for our backyard over the summer and we saved a ton!

  • I didn’t realize cars were cheaper! Since we are in the market we better get our booties on the move and go buy one!

  • sixtiemom@gmail.com'
    4 years ago

    I agree with the furniture. I actually had to go out and buy a new living room set, a new dining set, new bedroom set and a bunch more for tomorrow as we are moving and I wanted a fresh start. The sales were fabulous!

  • Definitely agree on the grills! I’ve seen so many at great prices now that we are past the 4th.

  • yasminnnali@gmail.com'
    Yasmin Ali
    4 years ago

    Thats soooo fascinating. I didn’t realize heat played a role in prices!

  • I have never thought about this! What a great way to save some money. Thanks!

  • We’ve made some of these purchases this summer. We’re loving our furniture and new grill we purchased last month. Summer is definitely the right time to buy if you have your eye on something particular.

  • I should have signed up for my gym now! LOL. I’ve never thought about cars being cheaper in the summer. That’s so interesting!

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