How to Do Spring-Cleaning Right

No matter what your hygiene habits are, spring-cleaning seems to always be a necessity. With winter coming to a close and spring starting to bloom, there’s no better time to declutter your home and breathe fresh air for the first time in months. For sure, the winter has made a major mess out of your home, but that’s nothing a good spring-cleaning session can’t fix.

A lot of us may not be as clean to spring-cleaning as we should be, but it is an essential activity to do at least once a year. Not only does doing so give your home an overhaul, it will also do your health a lot of good. Once you get rid of unnecessary clutter in every corner of your home, dusting your surfaces is an important part of this activity. With dust and debris stuck to your walls and furniture, it can be so easy to trigger nasty allergies and other health conditions.

Spring-cleaning is not a walk in the park, and there are appropriate steps to follow if you truly want to be productive on this activity. Not all of us are fond of keeping things spic and span, but it’s not difficult to achieve, especially if we make it a goal to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy inside our own homes.

An organized method is what you need to spring clean like the pros. Make sure you know what to do before you pick your brooms and dusters. Here’s an infographic from Microfiber Wholesale to tell you how:

Spring Clean Like A Pro

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20 Responses to “How to Do Spring-Cleaning Right

  • This is great! I feel like my cleaning habits are crazy! This is super helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow! What an awesome infographic! I especially like how it makes the mention that cleaning should be done TOP to BOTTOM- finally, someone gets it!!

  • I think this is awesome! It’s important to start from the top to the bottom. It’s good to have a plan as well, it helps you be more organized and not miss anything!

  • That’s totally what you need, a little organization before the actual cleaning. A schedule saves my life when it comes to cleaning the whole house!

  • This is great! I have some spring cleaning to do and I have a few mini home projects to do too! Great advice and tips!

  • Oh yes, I’m doing a huge clear out right now because we will be moving to a different country soon – I have the biggest pile ready for eBay haha !x

  • Haha! I just finished cleaning my house and I wish I found this earlier. It would have saved me lot of double efforts of cleaning back and forth.

  • I think I spring clean far to often, almost monthly. I have never thought to go from top to bottom that makes a heck of a lot of sense!

  • Those inforgraphics are great. I really need to spring clean around here. I was vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms yesterday and saw some spider webs and thought man..I need to get a detail clean done around here.

  • I’ve been feeling the need to declutter or purge again. These tips will definitely help me so I don’t get distracted and instead follow a set pattern.

  • I think my top tip would always be to work from top to bottom. My other half just does stuff in whatever order he fancies though. It drives me nuts!!

    Louise x

    4 years ago

    Spring cleaning is soo soothing. I love it, tossing things in the garbage, doing and just doing a good deep clean! This is a great how to!

  • Can you come and spring clean my home, haha!! I really need to get started but starting my blog has taken over my life at the min!! Great post, loved reading your tips!!

    Journa Ramirez
    4 years ago

    I love spring cleaning.. It’s making our house “new” and more beautiful. It helps me find some things that are missing for a long time. LOL

  • We just did a huuuuge spring cleaning last week! It feels so good to put away all of our winter gear and start the summer off on a fresh and clean foot. I really love the tips your shared. I like to work from the back to the front as well.

    Michelle | She’s Not So Basic

    Krystle Cook
    4 years ago

    This is such a great post! Spring cleaning can be something that may seem overwhelming but with some organization it can be easy.

  • These are great tips. I still haven’t done the big spring cleaning yet. I’ve been putting it off and just organizing things instead. I guess it’s time I get on it!

  • Half the battle of cleaning is getting it all organized. (OK, maybe not Half, but a big chunk.) These are great tips to get you going in the right direction.

  • LOVED this infographic! I get so overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning and don’t know where to start. Saving this to review again and again!

  • Really great tips. I love anything that will help me get the work done better and faster.

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