How Kids Can Earn Free Stuff for Reading in the Summer

Summer is a time of the year that the kids are out of school and enjoying the sun-filled days. However, as parents, we don’t want them to stop learning over the summer months either. You best believe my kids are still going to get their 20 minutes of reading per day in one way or another. Luckily, there are some reading programs where kids can earn cool stuff like free books, gift cards and other prizes. Rewards for reading? Hello, bonus!

Barnes & Noble– The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program runs from May 16, 2017 to September 5, 2017. The program allows kids to choose one free book for every 8 books they read. The reading journal can be printed from their website, where your child will record the book title, author and their favorite part of the book. Then, after reading 8 books, bring in the journal to your local Barnes & Noble, where your child can choose a free book from the eligible list.

Scholastic The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge runs from May 8, 2017 to September 8, 2017. For the 18 weeks of summer vacation, your child can log online how many minutes they read. Then, they can take part in the weekly reading challenges to gain access to videos, quizzes and games from popular children’s books. At the end of the 18 weeks, the school in each of the 50 states that racks up the most reading minutes will receive a Best in State commemorative plaque, entry into the 2018 Scholastic Book of World Records and a party kit.

Chuck E. Cheese– The Chuck E. Cheese Summer Reading Program runs throughout the year. The Reading Rewards Calendar can easily be printed from their website. Check off each day that your child reads for a two-week period. Then, bring in the completed calendar to your local Chuck E. Cheese and they will receive 10 free tokens.

Half Price Books The Half Price Books Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program runs from June 1, 2017 to July 31, 2017. Students in preschool through middle school can earn free Bookworm Bucks from Half Price Books. All they need to do is read a minimum of 300 minutes in June and July. Then, print out the Feed Your Brain Reading Log from their website and take the completed log to your local Half Price Books to receive $5 of Half Price Books Bookworm Bucks.

Sylvan The Sylvan Learning Book Adventure Program runs all year long for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. When your child is done reading a book from the more than 8,000 books on their list, they take quizzes based on what they have read and in turn, receive quiz points which they can exchange for various prizes like books, magazines, CD’s, temporary tattoos and candy.

Now go earn those rewards, kiddos!

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19 Responses to “How Kids Can Earn Free Stuff for Reading in the Summer

    robin rue
    4 years ago

    These are all fun for the kids. Our local library has a fun incentive program so we usually just do that – the kids end up with a free ice cream 🙂

  • This is great! I really really encourage my kids to read more during the summer, when they don’t have homework to worry about. Also keeps their minds active!

  • I didn’t know Barnes & Noble had kids programs! That is totally awesome and I will definitely be signing up my nephews for it!

  • I am sure kids will love the idea as kids like everyone else love gifts and presents and this can act like one plus the double bonus of reading and improving skills!

  • This is very good to know! I had no idea that there are companies that give out free books to kids. How lovely! And it’s perfect for the summer too. I love to encourage my kids to read a book or two during their summer vacation.

  • We participate in all these every year as well. These are such great incentives for kiddos! I also make my kids read – like it is mandatory – every day for 30 minutes to 1 hour, based on age. I wont’ let summer slide hit my kids!

  • Wow these are so awesome! We don’t really have anything like this over in Australia I don’t think but then again I might just not have discovered it yet!

  • I was just looking for summer reading programs online yesterday. (thanks for this!) I am a little bummed that our local library isn’t doing something. I remember growing up, and the library did a huge summer reading program where you got a t shirt at the end if you completed it. Plus each week you read the number of hours you were supposed to, your name was put on the wall.

  • Aww I am loving your BLOG!! Its Amazing!! I am going to bookmark this post as my little Witches love reading books, and my 11 year old does too. She loves to write, and this will be great for her. I like the idea of a quiz after reading a book, which the witches local school do now!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • My daughter is 31 and a huge reader (just started her own reading blog) and I asked what made her a reader. She said that she loved all those reading programs I put her in during the summer. Heart melt.

    Amy Desrosiers
    4 years ago

    I love how enticing these companies make reading for kids. My three are not so crazy about it and it makes me sad since I loved to read.

  • My son has done the Scholastic Summer Reading challenge almost every year since he was really little. He’s almost 12 now and I’m trying to get him to read as much as he used to. Programs like this really help!

  • I remember doing a reading challenge during school and getting pizza from it, but I’m glad to see that they have extended the programs to include summer.

  • I’m definitely going to share this post with my sister. My nephew loves to read and is always looking for new books so this would be very useful.

  • I love that all of these activities promote reading. As a Literacy Specialist, I approve this message.

  • I had no idea that Barns and Noble did that, how cool. I will have to look into that asap!

  • These are all great programs. My eight year old daughter really enjoys reading and luckily I haven’t had to bribe her at all this summer to pick up a pick during quiet time.

  • I love summer reading programs. I took part in them a lot when I was in school. I won quite a few prizes, too. I think reading is just so much fun!

  • I think summer reading programs are so important for kids. I remember participating in the Scholastic program when I was a child and I really enjoyed it.

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