Budget Friendly Family Activities

Are you a busy mom who is trying third to juggle your kids, a job, and a degree program such as the online political science masters so you can secure a better future for yourself and your family? If so then there’s a good chance you’re living on a very tight budget, which can make family activities a bit tricky at times.

We’re here to reassure you that there are ways to have fun as a family that don’t have to cut into your budget and leave you scrambling to pay the bills. Here’s a look at various ways the family can have fun together without spending much money.

Family Movie Night
Movie night is a staple for many people, not just families, but unfortunately the cost of taking the family out to the movie theater has really skyrocketed over the years. Nowadays, a family of four that purchases movie tickets and snacks is looking at costs of $70 or more. If this doesn’t fit into your budget, then it’s time to approach movie night in a different way.

Creating your own movie night at home allows for you to set up a fun experience for the whole family at a fraction of a cost. You can stream, rent, or even purchase a movie to watch and then make popcorn, serve chips, nachos, and drinks just as you would have at a theater. Dim the lights, cozy up on the couch, and let everyone enjoy an at-home theater experience.

Head Out to a Farm
Amusement parks are obviously a huge family attraction, but with that come a huge expense. If you want to plan a budget-friendly family outing look for a local farm that offers tours. These tours are often extremely cheap, and even free, and give kids a chance to see how a farm works. This tour is ideal in the spring and summer months. If it is a farm that sells products, you can also pick up some fresh items now that you’ve learned where they come from.

Arts and Crafts
What kid doesn’t love an arts and crafts project? Here’s an activity that is two-fold. You can take the time to go for a hike as a family and collect leaves, rocks, twigs, and other interesting items you find along the way.
When you get home, use the Internet to search out craft project ideas using the supplies you have collected. You can visit a local dollar-type store to stock up on craft essentials such as glue, paper, markers, scissors, etc.
This activity changes depending on the season as you’ll find different items according to the time of year.

Dance Party
If you have young children a dance party is always a big hit. You can all dress up in fun clothes, turn the lights down low, and crank up the tunes for a great time at your own personal dance party.

It Takes Creativity and Imagination
Finding budget family activities is all about using creativity and imagination as you look around and start to see things in a different light. There is no reason that expenses such as your online degree in political science, household bills, and other cost should stop you from having fun.

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  • We love family movie night – although with littles it tends to be movie afternoon. And getting outside into nature as well. We live in Maine, so it is easy to get out into the woods often.

  • These are wonderful ideas! It’s decided, tonight when the son gets home we’re going to have a dance party!

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