Best Fitness Trackers of 2016

For those of you looking to exercise more, sleep better and improve your overall health in 2017, a fitness tracker may be just what you need. Here are some of the best fitness trackers of 2016.

Fitbit Charge 2– The Fitbit Charge 2 is a wrist band fitness tracker with OLED display. This tracker is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices. The Fitbit Charge 2 features an altimeter, three-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate monitor and vibration motor, all designed to track your active minutes, steps, distance, heart rate and sleep. The tracker is designed to work in connection with the free Fitbit app that you download to your device.

Fitbit Surge– The Fitbit Surge is a sports watch fitness tracker with GPS and monochrome LCD display. This tracker is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices as well as the web. The Fitbit Surge features an array of benefits including built-in GPS, constant heart rate monitoring and activity tracking. This tracker comes in 3 sizes: small, large and x-large and 3 colors: black, tangerine and blue.

Samsung Gear Fit2– The Samsung Gear Fit2 is a wrist band fitness tracker with OLED display. This tracker is compatible with Android devices. While this tracker is made by Samsung, the good news is that you don’t need a Samsung phone to use it, just an Android phone. It features an array of sensors, including a GPS tracker, heart rate monitor and pedometer.

Misfit Ray– The Misfit Ray is a wrist band fitness tracker with LED indicator lights display. This tracker is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The Misfit Ray is best-known for its sleek design and long battery life, lasting up to six full months. This fitness tracker is also comfortable to wear and is water-resistant. The fitness tracker gives you an indication of your activity progress, telling you when you have reached 1/4th of your daily goal, half way to your daily goal and full completed your daily goal.

Garmin Vivoactive– The Garmin Vivoactive is a sports watch fitness tracker with Dot-matrix LCD display. This tracker is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices. The tracker is known for its many features including long battery life (lasting up to 3 weeks), slim design, waterproof and built-in GPS. The Garmin Vivoactive has its own app store called Garmin Connect IQ that allows you to do things like keep track of how many steps you take daily, how many miles you run daily and allows you to set daily goals.

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21 Responses to “Best Fitness Trackers of 2016

    robin masshole mommy
    4 years ago

    I got a Fitbit for Christmas and I really like it. It has really kept me on track.

  • I used to be OBSESSED with my FitBit and would be crazy about just the counted steps. But, then gave it up because I was being obsessive about steps only. But, I am loving hearing about new/updated systems that focus on other health features.

  • Thank you for sharing these. I was actually thinking of getting one. I kinda like the sleek design of Fitbit but I think I need to see them all in person

    Reesa Lewandowski
    4 years ago

    I’ve really been wanting a fitness tracker. Thank you for the options! I am not sure still which one I want, so I will have to take a look through each link.

  • My parents have fitbits, but I’m not sure which ones. They swear by them! Especially my step dad. He walks about 5 miles in the morning before he mows lawns all day. Which is probably why he doesn’t look 70 lol

  • I love the updates to the Fitbit. I got complacent with my Fitbit and stopped using it. I might dig it out now or better yet, buy a new one!

  • I really need one of these! I am working on getting fit and this would certainly help me to stay motivated!

  • This is on my want list for sure. I am really interested in a fit bit, I love the way they look too!

  • I have never had a fitbit tracker or any sorts and I truly need to get on the bandwagon!

  • We love our Fitbits! But we bought the charge just before they released the Charge 2 and now we totally envy. LOL

  • I’ve been wanting to get a Fit Bit, It may be a little Valentines gift to myself! I bought the Fit Bit Charge 2 for my daughter and she loves it!! I may get the same one for myself!

  • I love your list of fitness trackers, but was surprised that the Apple Watch didn’t make it. I love mine and have totally relied on it many times.

  • Thank you for sharing this – I was literally just looking at some of these yesterday because my boyfriend’s after one but we were so overwhelmed by how many there were with all the different functions. They are so confusing! I’ll tell him to read this to get his head round it xx

  • I’ve been on the fence when it comes to Fitness Trackers. Part of me thinks they are a gimmick but the other part of me thinks they are a great way to make sure you are getting most out of your workouts. Not sure if I will every try one, but I am considering it.

  • These are definitely great tools to have! Have you heard of the bella beat? it is newer and very cool!

  • I just got an iWatch and am trying to figure out if I can track everything with it. I really want to track my sleep too.

  • I have been debating which fitness tracker to get they are all the same yet different. Thank you for breaking it down and which is better for me to have. Here is to 10,000 steps a day.

  • What a great list of fitness trackers. I don’t have one myself but this list is a great quick review for when I do get one.

    4 years ago

    So many fitness trackers. I would love to grab one to be able to track some things, especially my steps! I walk a ton and would love to see!

  • The Fitbit Surge is next on my list! I’m training right now post rehab and need some new equipment to get back in the swing of things!

  • Ive been looking around at fitness trackers! Glad to read a good review of them! I’m still on the fence on these or getting an apple watch. Great review.

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