Why You May Or May Not Want A Real Estate Agent


Why You May Or May Not Want A Real Estate Agent
Selling a house through a real estate agent can really come with some excessive fees for the sake of convenience. This amount is based off of a percentage of the final value and will end up being thousands of dollars.

Price Flexibility

If you go solo, you can experience price flexibility. You must be a very savvy salesperson and know how to negotiate. Since the Internet is available with a plethora of tools, there should be no reason to use a real estate agent in most cases.

No Annoying Middleman
It can be tiresome to have your emails and calls forwarded when you really would like to talk to the client directly. Talking directly to the client, you may be able to fulfill their personalized demands.

Negotiate Your Own Way
You can take charge and market your property your own way. You can have an emotional connection with the potential buyer and you will be able to give your own personal knowledge about the property including utility costs, repairs and the quality of the neighborhood.

Of course, it can be a risky market without using a real estate agent. Some niche markets will need quality professionals to negotiate. Town Residential is an example of a successful luxury real estate firm that sells properties with multi-million dollar margins. A brutal real estate market like New York City is not for an amateur.

Complex Questions and Paperwork
Real estate agents can give guidance how to prepare your credit reports for financing. The Federal National Mortgage Association even recommends real estate agents to go through the process. The real estate agent will also take away the stress of preparing legal documents to finalize deals.

The Agent will always be on your side

The real estate makes more money if you make more money. The real estate agent will negotiate in your favor and have your back.

Agents are Knowledgeable
Experienced real estate agents will be able to know the answers to hard questions. The will also be familiar with different neighborhoods and understand the real value of your property. They will know about insurance costs and maintenance costs for your property.

If the client is unfamiliar to the city, the real estate agent can fill them in and sell them on the area. Realtors will be familiar with zoning restrictions and city ordinances that the buyer or seller many not be aware of.

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