Hey Hot Mama – Makeup Tips for Moms

Hey Hot Mama – Makeup Tips for Moms


For every busy mom, looking your best doesn’t have to be set aside in lieu of other responsibilities. Although the time in your schedule may be short, your beauty routine doesn’t have to suffer. When you take a little time in your day for yourself, you will look and feel much better for the added effort.

Bright Eyes

Wake up your eyes with a slight shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes. This will not only brighten your eyes and help you look refreshed, but it also gives an appearance of wider set eyes. The lighter color on the inner corner gives the illusion that the eyes are further apart. You can also add a slight shimmer just under the brow bone. This will emphasize the arch of the eyebrows. Look for a champagne colored eyeshadow with a slight satin or shimmery effect. The shade “Aura” from The Grunge Palette in “Venus” by Lime Crime is the perfect shimmery inner highlight color and gives a beautiful glow. The palette is versatile and great for carrying with you in your purse for added touch-ups on the go. Add “Icon” or “Divine” in the crease to emphasize the contours of your eyes, or for a more colorful pop on your lids, mix it up with colors like “Shell” and “Venus” all in the same palette.

Pop of Color

A little pop of color on your cheeks can go a long way. Coral or peach shades are known for being universally flattering on every skin tone. A blush with a bit of shimmer can add a glow which is perfect for giving a healthy and flushed appearance. The added pop of color makes your skin look more supple and gives a more youthful appearance. Just a few seconds to apply your blush and you’re out the door.

Luscious Lashes

Never leave home without your lashes looking their best. A few simple coats of mascara will emphasize your eyes, making them look larger and more awake. Don’t forget to curl your lashes first. Hold your curl for twenty to thirty seconds before releasing. This will help your lashes curl and stay curled. Coat lashes with a lash primer before applying mascara for added thickness and volume.

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