5 Grab And Go Snacks We Love #FiberOne #FiberUp

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This summer has been a whirlwind and now with school right around the corner, our upcoming school year is going to be just as busy.

I have a Freshman in high school now, a fourth grader and a first grader and with different activities lined up for this fall, I have to have some sort of plan of attack for after school snacks.

I prefer to have a few items that they can get some decent nutritional value from as well. Moms, you know what I’m talking about!


And after discovering that my kiddos love Fiber One bars, I include those in our famous snack basket as well. What is funny is my youngest has a hard time remembering the name of bars, so she calls them quite appropriately, “num num” bars.

With 25% less sugar than before, you can count on Fiber One Lemon Bars and Oats & Chocolate bars to be your guilt-free, go-to snack! By stocking up on these delicious snack options at Costco, you can be sure to always have your favorite snack on hand.


Top items you can find in our snack basket for our grab on-the-go snacks:

1. apples
2. bananas
3. Fiber One bars (aka num num bars)
4. crackers
5. fruit snacks

What works perfectly is I can grab any of these items before I leave for work in the morning if I am too busy to eat breakfast or just for a mid-morning snack. The Fiber One bars come in handy when I get those cravings and what is even better is Costco sells them in bulk!


Fiber One bars are so delicious, they really should have another name. We call them num num bars at our house!

“So good it should have another name!”

What do you grab for your on the go snacks?

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

20 Responses to “5 Grab And Go Snacks We Love #FiberOne #FiberUp

  • This summer flew by didn’t it? Thankfully, we have a few more weeks until school starts. I’m NOT ready for that. I’ll have a high schooler!!
    Having quick and easy healthy snacks is essential for busy moms. I need to stock up!

  • My grab and go snacks are nature valley oats and honey granola bars! I love them!

  • We love those Fiber One bars! Good for you and delicious!

  • terristeffes1117@gmail.com'
    Terri Steffes
    5 years ago

    We are huge Costco fans. I just learned you can buy a car through them. Wow! The bars are good, my mom has one a day!

  • These are great when in the go or to pack for a long road trip!

  • I need a Costco membership! I never had a fiber one bar before but I would like to now that I read this review.

  • My kids and I eat Fiber One all the time. It’s our favorite breakfast option, especially their cereal!

  • Always on the look out for good, healthy snacks! Those that I can toss in my purse or my drawer at work are extra amazing!

  • It seems like this time of year we’re always on the go. I love the Fiber One bars because they taste natural and are so convenient!

  • We grab apples, too! I almost always have an apple and nuts for breakfast every morning. I’m too lazy to wake up early enough to make anything else.

  • We love Fiber One in our home as well. Keeping healthy on-the-go snacks is really important in my house full of teenagers!

  • Ooh, we have the same I think. It’s the one with the marshmallows in it. It’s so good! They’re so convenient especially when we go out and our baby cries. He’s 1 now and just learning to eat grown up snacks, so we tear off bits for him to chew on and keep busy.

  • Fiber One bars are great to help curb an appetite! we also have a 9th grader and those teenagers always want a snack!

  • We’ve never really had those because of the name. I sort of wish they were called something different too. If they are that good we will have to give it a try!

  • Looks like a great variety of flavors. I’ve never tried Fiber One bars.

  • I’ve tried these before and they are pretty good! I like eating peanuts, peanut butter and bananas, or even chips for a snack!

  • Our Fiber One packages look different here in Canada. I love this product. They have so many different flavours and that makes me happy. I buy it often for our family.

  • wilsonre09@gmail.com'
    Reesa Lewandowski
    5 years ago

    I am always looking for snacks that I can take on the go with me. These bars look great with so many flavor options.

  • love fiber one bars! such an easy thing to grab n go on those crazy mornings! (which is every morning for me!)

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