Why Your Kids Should be Playing Pokemon Go


I’m sure by now you have heard something about the new Pokemon Go game. Pokemon Go is a free app download on your smartphone (both Android and IOS.) There has been both positive and negative opinions in the news, but I am going to point out why your kids SHOULD be playing.

Pokemon Go is a great game to play with younger kids. For young kids that don’t have their own phone you can let them use your smartphone. You go out walking and try to catch Pokemon. It is kind of like a scavenger hunt. There are also PokeStops which let you spin for items, like more Poke Balls.

This game really gets kids up and moving, and spending time outdoors. The whole family can join in. I have seen more families out walking around then I ever have before, which is a very positive thing. Everyone is getting more exercise while having a good time.

Older kids may want to go out with their friends. I have seen lots of kids on their bikes. Kids will spend hours out riding around and going to Poke Stops or catching Pokemon. With older kids just make sure to remind them to pay attention to where they are going. This is common sense, but it is good to remind them to stop riding or walking when they find a Pokemon, and not look down at their phone.


Most of the negatives about Pokemon Go have to do with accidents and kids not paying attention. Just reinforce to your older kids that they need to follow all laws and rules and pay attention.

The Pokemon Go phenomenon is growing. I have seen elementary kids all the way up to older adults playing. Pokemon Go seems to bridge all age gaps and any other differences. This is another great positive about the game- it really brings all kinds of people together!

If you haven’t tried the game or let your kids play it, give it a try. Go Catch them all!

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Mamasita Amber
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25 Responses to “Why Your Kids Should be Playing Pokemon Go

  • WE LOVE POKEMON GO! As a ‘boy mom’ there isn’t much my pre-teens and I have in common. We have had so much fun playing this together.

  • YES! We are playing as a family. My kids are not obsessed with it, thank goodness, but do enjoy it in free time.

  • I’m sure this is great for kids who don’t normally like to play outside. Fortunately, we don’t have this problem! 🙂

  • I really love how local shelters are using this game to help walk dogs! Genius idea and a positive vibe!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  • Mkatz2011@yahoo.com'
    5 years ago

    I love love love Pokémon Go! It’s so addictive and fun and it’s bringing my childhood dreams to real life!! great post !

  • I love the idea of this. But I think it should be a family thing. Instead of letting the kids wander, probably into the streets, it should be an opportunity for moms and dads to get out and walk too.

  • I haven’t played it but it must be fun. I had a teen walk out in front of my car and nearly got hit. That was scary!

  • My kids are too young for this but it looks like a really fun game. My husband may be interested in it.

  • Our pastor was telling the congregation about Pokemon last week – we had no clue what it was. So my kids, naturally, searched it out as soon as we got home. I totally took them Pokemon hunting yesterday.

  • I can’t believe how huge this has gotten! It is so funny watching grown men walking around staring at their shoes in the middle of the park 🙂 My kids are too little, but I am surprised my husband hasn’t tried to get them into it

  • We haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like so much fun! I have to admit, I am afraid I might become obsessed 🙂

  • I have nothing against the game and I think it’s fun activity during the summer. It keeps the kids active. I just have a few safety concerns which can be easily addressed. It’s important the parents are involved too.

  • My girls absolutely love this. It is something that we do together for sure, but it is an absolute blast!

  • My boys were playing when we were back in Minnesota. Now that we’re back home they haven’t played much because we’re in a pretty rural area, and the drivers don’t pay attention to people walking or riding bikes. Hopefully when we go out they’ll be able to walk around and find them. Now I just need to make sure they don’t use too much data hunting for them.

  • To be honest I think it is a great way of getting kids to keep active and a game that can make kids go outdoors is a pretty brilliant concept in itself!

  • newmommybliss@gmail.com'
    Shirley Martinez
    5 years ago

    We love pokemon go. My only wish is that it wouldn’t drain my battery to almost nonexistent!

  • My son was playing this game but got bored with it. These are great tips as to why they should play though. With all the negative reports coming out about this game it is nice to see the positive.

  • We LOVE Pokemon Go! My husband and I play it together and we’ve been able to meet so many of our neighbors because of all the people playing it. The only downside is that the servers keep going down. But we love the excuse to exercise and meet new people!

  • We’ve been playing with my son. I love it! It’s bringing the family close together.

  • Pokemon takes over the world. Again. Neither of my kids play but they’re about the only ones that don’t. So it seems.

  • rwilson0720@yahoo.com'
    Robin Rue
    5 years ago

    My kids are really into this game! Me, not so much. But that’s okay because they are getting active!

  • We haven’t tried this yet but I’m sure my tween boys would absolutely love it. Need to give it a try!

  • I bet this is definitely something kids would enjoy. It seems like everyone is playing it now.

  • Megan.mccoig@hotmail.co.uk'
    Megan McCoig
    5 years ago

    Not going to lie, I’ve been playing this to. It’s such a great way to get up and moving!

  • Racheldmorris@gmail.com'
    5 years ago

    My whole family loves Pokemon go! It’s a great excuse for all of us to get up and get moving. I think it’s great for everyone!

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