BAM! Instant Guest Room With #OoRooBeds


I love hosting Christmas and Thanksgiving at our house. Sure, there’s some stress, and family sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out, but all in all, it’s pretty great. There’s a little problem, though: we never seem to have enough beds for all the guests. And I am so tired of asking family and friends to sleep on air mattresses – or that old futon in the basement. [hangs head in shame]


Well, never again. Because I just happened to discover the OoRoo folding ottoman bed — and I am done putting overnight guests on the air mattress! We live in a small house, and space is at a premium (I’m one of those moms who spends waaaaay too much time on Pinterest browsing through space-saving hacks). Before I came across the OoRoo, hosting overnight guests used to mean putting people on air mattresses, that old futon, or worse: the couch.

The OoRoo, on the other hand, packs all the comfort of a traditional mattress into a lightweight, foldable guest bed that doubles as an ottoman when not in use! (you can get the ottoman cover in any of six delightful colors – I’m a big fan of the lime canvas one myself).

I’m already brainstorming ways I can use one of these portable beds for family travel, camping, kids’ sleepovers, you get the idea. Fact is, I’m tired of feeling like you have to sacrifice style or comfort when it comes to affordable guest bedding. And like I said, I am done putting guests up on the air mattress.

OoRoo also makes a great pet bed and the portable OoRoo Beach Mat that would be perfect for camping.

Oh, heads up: all OoRoo orders are shipped FREE right to your door for FREE (within the continental US).'
Madison Main
When Madison isn't tending to her job at a bank, she is hauling her 5 children to soccer practice and other activities. Main is also a speech and drama coach at the local high school.

32 Responses to “BAM! Instant Guest Room With #OoRooBeds

    Catherine S
    5 years ago

    This looks like a great product. I love that it is an ottoman and also a bed. This is perfect for when family visits.

    5 years ago

    Um how cool is that!? This is such a great idea for those of us that don’t have a dedicated guest room!

    Ann Bacciaglia
    5 years ago

    I need one of these beds for my house. The kids often have friends sleep over. This looks like a great space saver.

  • I really, really want one of these. This is the perfect solution to impromptu or planned over night visits from family!

  • This looks like such a great product. Perfect for when my parents come to visit. We always give them the kids rooms but then they complain about having to sleep on the couch.

  • oh I am totally telling my brother about his bed. He invites us over for a visit but never has anywhere for any of us to sleep. We always sleep on sofas or the floor. No more

  • How cool is this?!?! I too have a small home and there have been times when I wish we could accommodate an overnight guest, say when my daughter was first born and not sleeping, but all I had to offer was my couch. This would have been great. We are attempting to have another baby, this would be perfect for those nights when family volunteer to help. I love that it is comfortable like a bed but compact enough to pose as an Ottoman during the daytime hours. Very, very cool!

  • The OoRoo sounds like a great and versatile piece of furniture. It’s perfect for when you have guests over.

  • Wow, this sounds so convenient. It would be really nice to have to option to convert the ottoman into a bed.

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    5 years ago

    Those sound so cool. We have lots of overnight guests, so this would come in handy for sure.

  • OOoooh – love this and never ever heard of this product before your post! How fab to use in a million different ways!
    Karen |

    5 years ago

    I saw these not too long ago somewhere else and immediately thought this was so brilliant. Such a really cool idea. I need to get one!

  • I saw these not too long ago somewhere else and immediately thought this was so brilliant. Such a really cool idea. I need to get one!.

  • Oh my gosh! Why have I never known about this?? We struggle with the bedding problem when all the kids come!

  • This is a great alternative to an air mattress. Now I just need to figure out where I would put the ottoman!

  • This is awesome. For the last three weeks we have had 17 guests in our house. Yes. 17! We could have used this!

  • I’m definitely going to check this out. We have a small house too so saving space is imperative.

  • This is an ottoman and a bed? That is brillant great for guest sleeping over it looks comfy too!

  • It’s nice to have this at home in case you have unexpected guests spending the night, or family visiting from home. It’s also perfect for movie night with the kids!

  • oh there’s nothing worse then having to sleep on a futon. I hate them, so uncomfortable. The fold away bed looks brilliant though.

  • This looks like a total must have for our house! Limited space but we love to host family and friends through the year!

  • I’ve never heard of that brand but this bed is a great idea! We always can use some spare room for guests.

  • My mother in law comes over often. We do not have spare bedroom for guests but we have space in the basement. This would be perfect for her.

    5 years ago

    Ooooo this would be awesome for when I have family come and visit!! So need to get one of these.

  • The convenience of this product is awesome. This would be very helpful with holiday houseguests.

  • I love pieces of furniture that meet real life needs. This looks like a great addition to any decor.

  • This ooroo beds would be great for a tiny dorm room! A real space saver. I could use one of them too for the boys’ rooms when their friends stay over for study night. Happy to know that shipping is free!

  • Love this ottoman! Couches are not comfortable for Grandma when she comes to visit the kiddos. And the fact that the Ooroo is a space-saver is a huge bonus.

  • Love that it’s shipped for free right to my door! That makes it so easy with kids.

  • This is such a genius idea….now that we have 2 kids we’ve given up the guest room. But we still want space for when company comes.

    Shirley Martinez
    5 years ago

    This is super convenient. I have to look into it for days when family come visit and decide to stay a little longer

  • I love it! Skip the guests! I’d love this just to set up in our living room so we could cuddle up for movie nights!

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