5 Simple & Easy Wine Bottle Craft Ideas


Do you drink wine from time to time? Hate to throw away the left over bottles? If you’re in this predicament, you’re not alone, there are many people who hate to waste perfectly good wine bottles. So why do you need to throw them away? Why not create something amazing with them by using some imagination and a little crafty skill. If you want to recycle your wine bottles, the following are 5 simple and easy wine bottle craft ideas you can try at home.

Wine Bottle Craft Ideas You’ll Love To Try

DIY wedding decor table centerpieces with wine bottles wrapped in burlap twine and rose flowers.

DIY wedding decor table centerpieces with wine bottles wrapped in burlap twine and rose flowers.

Wine Bottle Decorative Lace Table Centrepiece

If you love to entertain your guests, why not give them something beautiful to look at with a wine bottle decorative lace table centrepiece. To create your centrepiece, you will need:
• An old wine bottle or two (depending on how many you want to make).
• Pieces of 5 to 6cm wide decorative lace.
• Coloured paint (any colour you like)
• Glitter
• High strength glue
• A fake or real sunflower (or any flower you like).

Step #1 – To create your table centrepiece simply start by painting your wine bottle in the colour you desire and sprinkle the glitter across the bottle. Allow to dry.
Step #2 – Next take the lace and glue it right around the bottom of the bottle and leave to dry.
Step #3 – Once done place the single sunflower or other type of flower in the top. Not only will your guests love it but it can really bring life to any table setting.

Worded Wine Bottle Candle Holder

For those who love candles, the worded wine bottle candle holder is just the project for you. To start your project, you will need:
• Wine bottles
• Long candles that fit snuggly in the top of the bottle
• Hot glue gun
• Sand
• Coloured paint

Step #1 – To create your worded wine bottle candle holder, start by taking your glue gun and writing carefully any word you choose on the side of the bottle. Some words you can choose include family, love, eat, or home.
Step #2 – Allow your words to dry before painting the entire bottle and words in the one colour.
Step #3 – Allow to dry before pouring some sand into the bottom of the wine bottle for extra stability and support.
Step #4 – Place the candle in the top and there you have it your own decorative wine bottle candle holder.




a Message in a bottle washed up on the beach, great business concept for snail mail, spam, or bad slow communication

Beach Theme Wine Bottle

Another great table centrepiece is the beach theme wine bottle. To create your beach theme bottle, you will need:
• Sand
• A piece of paper rolled up to mimic a scroll
• Medium size fake starfish
• Sea shells
• Blue ribbon
• Glue
Step #1 – To make your beach theme wine bottle you can start by filling your wine bottle a quarter full of sand.
Step #2 – Place your scroll inside the wine bottle.
Step #3 – Glue your sea shells and starfish around the exterior of the bottle.
Step #4 – Last tie a blue ribbon to the top of the bottle for the final finishing touch. This is great for anyone who loves the ocean.

Hanging Flower Vases
These hanging flower vases are simple to make yet decorative when complete. To create these hanging flower vases you will need:
• A long piece of recycled wood
• 3 wine glasses
• U shaped clamps and screws

Step #1 – To create your hanging flower vases, you can start by lying your bottles down onto the piece of wood to where your hanging vases will be positioned.
Step #2 – Next take your U shaped clamps, position the neck of your bottle in the middle of the wood where you want it positioned and place the clamp over the top of the bottle neck.
Step #3 – Screw each side down until the neck of the bottle is secure and tight. Do this for all three bottles before hanging the piece of wood on the wall.
Step #4 – Fill each bottle half full with water carefully before adding your flowers. You have stunningly simple hanging flower vases.

Chalkboard wine bottle: wine list

Decorative Wine Bottle Jars
Last but not least, if you want to create a way to brighten up your cupboards why not turn your wine bottles into decorative jars to hold grained or smaller size eatables. To create decorative wine bottle jars you will need:
• Your wine bottles
• Caulk board paint
• Easy to remove sticky tape
• Coloured ribbon

Step #1 – To make your decorative wine bottle jars simply wrap 2 pieces of sticky tape, about 10cm apart from one another, in the centre of the bottle.
Step #2 – Next paint your chalkboard paint between the two lines of sticky tape, (be careful not to paint outside this area).
Step #3 – Once dry remove the sticky tape and attach the colourful ribbon to the top of the bottle.
Step #4 – Fill the bottle with anything from rice, chocolates, M&Ms or flour before writing on the black paint with chalk. Simple and decorative all in one.

When it comes to recycling your old wine bottles there are many different things that you can create if you just used your imagination. As you can see above these are a fabulous way of brightening your home and creating something amazing that will last a long time to come. So are you interested in creating any of these? Which one do you think you’d do first?


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