14 Easter Breakfast Ideas


Easter Breakfast Ideas
Are you ready for Easter? Maybe you want to do something different and have a nice Easter breakfast or brunch. You might always cook dinner, but if you are not sure what to do for the morning meal, here are some great ideas that your family will love.
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41 Responses to “14 Easter Breakfast Ideas

  • These are such delicious breakfast ideas for Easter. I’ve been toying with the idea of serving a yummy brunch for my family.

  • dontemailme@gmail.com'
    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    5 years ago

    We don’t do a big breakfast because we do a big Easter dinner 🙂

  • Such great ideas. Looking through this post is making me want a mid morning snack.

  • My husband is working on Easter so my daughter, son in law, and i were thinking of doing a fancy Easter brunch. These sound like perfect recipes to use.

  • What some absolutely awesome ideas – I am loving the pancake idea, might have to do that one myself. x

  • I’m loving the cinnamon roll casserole idea. I think that would go over very well!

  • What fun ideas! We are going to have to eat something around 11 because we are going to the 8am service. I love all these ideas.

  • I hadn’t even thought about Easter breakfast yet! We’re getting groceries tonight, and that cherry cream cheese crescent ring sounds mighty delicious! It looks yummy, too!

  • Last year I made the executive decision to no longer make Easter dinner, and instead have brunch. It was wonderful for my sanity, and my kids enjoyed it more 🙂 These are some delicious ideas for this weekend!

  • dsargen3@gmail.com'
    Catherine S
    5 years ago

    These are all great breakfast ideas for Easter. I think I am going to make the Cherry Cream Cheese Crescent Ring.

  • sixtimemom@gmail.com'
    5 years ago

    Ah! I can’t wait to do up a special easter breakfast. These are some great ideas, I love the egg shaped pancakes! So fun

  • Oh wow. Wouldn’t it be neat to wake up on Easter morning with breakfast like these? Everything looks so delicious! Checking the links out. Thanks you for the ideas!

  • Yum! Can’t wait to try the sweet potato monkey bread!

  • I’m hosting Easter brunch this year and have been looking for things to make. A lot of these look like they’ll be easy and my family will love them!

  • I love all these. In the last month I’ve been eating toast pretty much every day except for the days my sister is home from work. It’s a bit time consuming to make breakfast with a baby lol So I tend to opt for toast and coffee. It would be nice to have a bit of a change. I feel like having a nice Quiche for Easter.

  • They all look delicious. It will be tough to just pick one. I may have to try a few on Easter.

  • These are fantastic! I love those pancakes, especially!

  • I haven’t thought about what to make for breakfast this easter as well so this is perfect for me with lots of choices to choose from.

  • That easter egg breakfast pancake was adorable! I love how the children or even the parent can make it however they want to.

  • I love the idea of making pancakes into easter eggs. But that eggs benedict has my mouth watering for sure.

  • Now I can’t wait for Easter morning! I think I will make something the night before so that we can just pop it in the oven in the morning.

  • These are all great ideas. I cannot believe it’s gunna be Easter this Sunday. My daughter is so excited. I will definitely be making something cute for her.

  • That sourdough bread casserole sounds especially good to me right now. Thanks for all of the great ideas.

  • These are all great Easter breakfast ideas. We usually make eggs and ham but i would love to try something new this year.

  • I love making Sausage Breakfast Casserole for Easter brunch though that Sausage and Potato Quiche sounds wonderful too. I like breakfasts that are quick to pull together or can be done the night befire. Thank you.

  • I found what I am going to make this Easter Sunday…Easy Breakfast Scramble! I know my family will love it and it does look easy to make.

  • I love coming across new breakfst ideas too. These are great for brunch as well.

  • I was just talking to my husband about what shall we do for Easter after church! I think having a big breakfast before church will be better for us. You posted so many options!!!

  • These all look great! Breakfast is fast for us we have to be at church at 9 AM Easter morning. We make up for it with an early dinner!

  • These recipes all look delicious. I am hosting brunch on Easter. I was looking for some new recipes ad these are just perfect

  • ahhh man there is a ton of great choices here but I like the casserole ideas. I think that paired with a sweet roll of some kind is just perfect

  • These are such great ideas! My hubby is the worship pastor at church so we won’t have time Easter morning to do a nice breakfast but I’ll have to remember these ideas for the future!

  • The “Oh! Yum, yum!” comment coming from my kid reading over my shoulder makes me think I need to make those egg pancakes for Easter.

  • My goodness, these are some awesome breakfast ideas to prepare some yummy & delicious foods for Easter. Pancakes & Casseroles are so much favorites for my kids & I would love to try them this Easter.

  • Some interesting ideas for breakfast, I will check a few out. I haven’t decided what I’ll make this weekend

  • These look delicious, and many would be good for brunch even if it’s not Easter. The hard boiled eggs benedict looks super tasty.

  • One so many yummy Easter breakfast ideas!! We have made cinnamon roll casserole many times! Always so yummy!

  • These all look scrumptious! I like the fruity pancakes. It would be a light breakfast so we could still enjoy a big dinner.

  • Ong so many yummy breakfast ideas!!!!!! We were lazy this year and went out for brunch! It was nice not to cook for a change!

  • Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love casseroles and anything with a mexican twist.

  • I need to start eating breakfasts more if they are like this more often! I will be adapting some of the meatier ones to be veggie but its an exciting list.

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