11 Delicious Recipes Using Tea As An Ingredient


Turn Your Tea Into Something New

January is National Tea month, and I’m sure we’ll all be drinking some tea during the cold weather, but why not mix it up a little? From intriguing Tea drinks to food and desserts, you may be surprised what you can make using tea as an ingredient. Here are eleven recipes you can try for a new twist on tea.

Which recipe would you love to try? Have you used tea in a recipe before?

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7 Responses to “11 Delicious Recipes Using Tea As An Ingredient

  • That Sweetheart Cinnamon Cake sounds really good. I never knew you could use Bigelow Sweetheart Cinnamon Tea Bags to make a red (or pink) natural color. What a great idea! Food colorings are so dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible.

  • I’ve never really used tea to make anything else besides tea. I might have to try one of these and see how it tastes.

  • I have never used tea in a recipe, nor did I know you could. This is very new to me and also very interesting.

  • It’s amazing what a versatile ingredient tea is. I love all of these creative recipe ideas.

  • I love tea and all the recipes sound great. I might have to try some of them.

  • Oh wow, I don’t know if I have ever used tea as an ingredient. It sounds like it could get fun and interesting.

  • I’m not even sure which one of these recipes I would choose! I had no idea there were so many things I could do with tea besides drink it!

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