5 Times I Should Have Had A Poise Pad #MyPoiseMoment

Hey, it’s life. And now, Poise Pads is a part of mine. As a woman, I know that there have been times I have said, “I need to quit or I’m going to pee my pants.” And well, to be honest, I’m going to now fully disclose that yes…about 1/2 of those times that I said I was going to pee my pants, I kind of did.

After I had children, went through the whole child-bearing phase, I realized that my muscles weren’t as strong as they used to be down in the nether regions.

Since then, I’ve become self-conscious of doing things that had anything to do with using those muscles or shaking up the nether regions. That’s why when after these things happened (see below) and my friend referred me to Poise Pads I knew I couldn’t be afraid of doing things because of my light bladder leakage (LBL).

1. That time I did jump rope…and all other times when my trainer said it was time for jump rope or steps up…or any jumping workout for that matter. Jumping and jostling my innards is not good.

2. That time I went for a hilly run outside.

3. That laughing fit gets me every time. Like, that rolling on the floor..out of control laughter. Well..something else got a bit out of control too.

4. That time I found out I had spring allergies. Sneeze. Achoo. Hello, dribbles.

5. If it wasn’t spring allergy issues, I discovered this fall that I had a problem. I got my first cold. With colds, come coughs and with coughs come…well…LBL.


It was during those very moments that I could have used a Poise pad. Now that I’ve discovered Poise, I’m going to try all these things again and not feel so self-conscious while doing them.

Poise incontinence panty liners stay 3X drier than leading regular size feminine care liners where needed most because they are specifically designed for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). The Absorb-Loc core quickly locks away wetness and protects against incontinence odor to help keep you fresh and dry. Now THINNER, Same Protection.

Are you too embarrassed to go to the store to buy them? Hey, and that is okay! If you are, you don’t need to worry when you have Sam’s Club account because guess what? You can order them online and have them shipped right to your door step or order them for club pickup. Plus right now, Sam’s Club members save $4! Poise Very Light Absorbency Liner – $11.68 132 pads. UPC: 34725. Get more info about being a Sam’s Club member HERE!

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

43 Responses to “5 Times I Should Have Had A Poise Pad #MyPoiseMoment

  • dontemailme@gmail.com'
    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    5 years ago

    I don’t have leakage issues myself, but there is a whole group of moms in my zumba class that groans whenever a song with jumps comes on.

  • Thank goodness no leaks here. After 5 kids, I am lucky.

  • No leaks here and I am grateful…but thank God for poise…they have been around for quite a while helping women in times like these

  • These are nothing to be ashamed about. I’m sure there are far, far more women who need them than we realize!

  • eobihfrank@ymail.com'
    Elizabeth O.
    5 years ago

    Poise really makes great sanitary products for women, they are so reliable. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • i am glad products like this exist because i know there is a market for them. good to know for my future

  • giveaways4mom@gmail.com'
    5 years ago

    i’m so glad i don’t have leakage issue after my two kids was born.

  • I’m so glad we have something like poise to help keep us together. As women it’s definitely important to have reliable pads!

  • Honestly, this is not something top of mind. If and when that day comes, I will cross that bridge. Good to know that these products are available.

  • I can see validity in all your reasons. Those are the times when we most definitely need them.

  • This is something I’ll probably would need as years and time go by. It’s good that there is such an item and product on the market that helps these kind of issues.

  • I don’t have problems yet but it’s good to know that there are products there to help when I might.

  • It’s important to have something you can trust to work right for sensitive things like these.

  • sixtimeom@gmail.com'
    5 years ago

    When I was pregnant I should have had them on always. There was so many times I should have as well!

  • This pad sounds a nice and awesome pad. I should see this and try. Sometimes I had a leakage issue. Thank you for sharing this.

  • It is common for women to leak – I found that in my workout class – so many women could not do the jumping jacks.
    Good to have options so you do not have to give up activities you love.

  • So happy I don’t have this issue – but it’s good to know what to do if it happens. I’m sure the sneezing is the worse – especially if you’ve been holding it for awhile.

  • nope

  • sounds as a great product. I’m going to share this to my friends. Thank you for sharing.

  • totally nothing to be ashamed of. I have light leakage too. Usually when I sneeze. Who am I kidding though, I don’t jump around or run hahaa

  • I’m sure most of the moms need it after having a couple of kids. It’s good that you can order them online!

  • It is wonderful that so many of them are now so much more discreet than they used to be.

  • I’ve definitely had a laughing fit that resulted in a little leakage before haha and maybe a sneeze or two 😉

  • The older I get the more I shudder at the thought of a sneeze or a cough–I really am going to have to go and get these because allergy season is here and it is bad this year!

  • I think it is great that we can openly talk about this topic as women. It is a real fact of life, especially after childbirth.

  • Racheldmorris@gmail.com'
    5 years ago

    This is such good information for any woman! I’m sure we all have some LBL at some point!

  • Poise is a trusted brand. I have the occasional leaks, but thanks to Kegel exercises, I am able to manage it. Still, it helps to make me feel confident knowing that I have Poise in my purse.

  • Oh no! I can’t imagine having LBL. I have had three kids, but none of the pregnancies went to term, so I wonder if that is why I got lucky in that department.

  • I have bought them before and was not embarrassed. I figured I was not the only one who had 🙂

  • Great points – I’ve not had any continued issues – but when I go on long and rough hikes – they could come in handy 🙂

  • I have heard a lot of good things about Poise pads. It’s good to know that they exist in case I ever need them!

  • I am glad there is something out there to help with this little issue.
    Good thing also that there is information out there about it

  • I know all to well the struggle you are facing, Poise has been a lifesaver for me,

  • I always keep on in my purse. You never know when you might need one. They are so thin and work well for LBL.

  • I am just now finding that I should be packing Poise for my fitness classes. Guess my bladder is starting to wear down with my older age.

  • I would say I am lucky that I do not suffer from bladder leakage. I am happy though that there are products that women can avail of to address the issue. Thanks for letting your readers know about the discounts they can get from Sam’s Club.

  • These sounds great product. Sanitary pad helps a lot of women. I’m going to introduce this to my friends. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is really very important and useful for women who can’t control their bladder. It saves you a lot.

  • It seems the stigma is getting broken down and hurrah for it. Poise has been delightfully agressive in getting the word out and I think that’s a very good thing.

  • savingyoudinero@gmail.com'
    Janell @ Saving You Dinero
    5 years ago

    These are so good to have just in case you need them. It’s also pretty nice you can order them online.

  • I have allergies too so whenever I’m having one of those sneezing fit kind of day I always put on a liner! lol

  • After 3 kids, I have had LBL for a few years now. Thank goodness fro Poise!

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