5 Reasons Why You Need White Teeth This Holiday Season #HolidaySmile

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I took a look in the mirror the other day and realized something needs to be done about my chompers before I show my mugshot for the holidays. My smile looks like my teeth have been soaking in a sea of diet coke and coffee. GAH-ROSE!


With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I realized it’s time I do a little something for myself because the first thing people are going to be seeing when they see me is not my fancy ensemble, but my not-so-dazzling stained smile. Here’s 5 reasons why you need white teeth this holiday season.

1. Those Holiday Photos: You’re going to have to smile for photos. If the holidays are anything like my family holidays, every 20 minutes there are cameras flashing. It gets so intense with the flashing lights, that we refer to my mother-in-law and her side of the family as paparazzi. You need a white smile, especially if we are doing any poses next to the fresh snow on the ground.

2. Holiday Parties: You have the invitation. You have the ensemble. You have the gift. It would be really bad to attend a party with a crusty looking smile. You need a white smile.

3. Family and Friends you haven’t seen for awhile: Family members come from afar for the holidays and there’s that annoyingly perfect pal that always looks on point. You need a white smile.

4. Good first impressions: You may meet someone while you are out doing your last minute shopping. You may run into someone at the gym that has a twinkle in their eye. You need a white smile. A nice, white smile is the perfect first impression.

5. Confidence, confidence, confidence: I don’t know about you, but I like feeling confident. If my teeth are all stained and nasty looking, I don’t feel like smiling and I’m self-conscious. If I’m self-conscious then, I’m not happy. If I’m not happy, I’m no fun to be around and who like to be around a crabby pants for the holidays?

That’s why I am on a mission now to get my chompers looking white as snow.


Here’s some pretty awesome news if you are looking to whiten your teeth for the holidays like I am doing. (Photos to come!)

Crest 3D White Whitestrips 1-Hour Express Teeth Whitening Kit is having a limited-time offer where you can buy one kit at www.walmart.com and get another for free!

Not only are Crest Whitestrips convenient and easy to use they whiten teeth quickly. With this particular treatment, you get eight teeth whintening strip treatments, each with one upper and lower strip!

This treatment is pretty awesome too because you can talk and drink water while you are whitening your teeth.

Stay tuned for photos to come!

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

43 Responses to “5 Reasons Why You Need White Teeth This Holiday Season #HolidaySmile

  • This is really a great product and makes my teeth look so white and clean. It’s important to have white teeth all year long but especially during the holidays.

  • Your smile is usually the first thing people notice about you when you first meet. All those years of coffee drinking is catching up to me so I may need this lol

    • That’s so true. This sounds like a great option if you’re worried about coffee staining your teeth.

    • This is so true. First impressions are everything and I definitely notice a person’s smile first.

    • I don’t drink coffee but my teeth are still getting stained. I need to check this out.

  • Having white teeth is important. It gives you a lot of confidence.

    • I agree. And when you have more confidence, you’re bound to smile more too. 🙂

  • dontemailme@gmail.com'
    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    5 years ago

    Teeth are the first thing I notice about someone. A good smile is imperative.

    • Teeth are definitely a big part of a first impression. Having a nice smile is important.

  • I would really like to whiten mine. The coffee has taken a toll!

  • I have tried the Colgate White tooth whitening stuff before. It really did seem to make a difference.

  • I LOVE Crest Whitestrips! I’ve used several of their options, and I’ve liked all my results!

  • These are great reasons. I’d be happy with some whiter teeth for the family photos this year!

  • I need to try these. I hate going to the dentist, my teeth could use a good whitening.

  • My son uses this product and he is very happy with the results. I will have to give it a try also and see how it works for me.

  • I need to try this. I drink so much Diet Coke and iced tea, my teeth could definitely use a little whitening!

  • The Crest 3D White Whitestrips 1-Hour Express Teeth Whitening Kit would be a perfect gift for my Daughter. She just got her braces off and has been asking to whiten her teeth.

  • haha great list of reasons! Having a white, beautiful smile causes an impression on all. We’re biologically wired to appreciate it!

  • massmommie@gmail.com'
    Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    5 years ago

    I always love using Crest dental products. The last thing I want is yellow teeth in my holiday pictures.

  • I think this is a great product. Everyone appreciate beautiful and white teeth. I’ll try this product.

  • Okay, so truth … I NEED this product. Like, I don’t just want it, I NEED IT! The problem is I have really sensitive teeth. Are they gentle? I would love to get my teeth whitened but I don’t want to be in excruciating pain to do so. Decisions, decisions.

  • Yep, you don’t want less than white teeth in person or in pictures. And def. this time of year you’ve gotta have that holiday smile. 🙂

    • A holiday smile is so important and this product really works to help you achieve that.

  • Racheldmorris@gmail.com'
    5 years ago

    I love using crest white strips! They are easy to use and really work!

  • Funny post, at least in the beginning.
    You raise some important personal hygiene points though.
    This looks like a quality product.

  • Those are great reasons. Do not forget the holiday photo’s too!

  • Thanks for the reminder. I have some Crest 3D Whitestrips in the medicine cabinet and need to whiten before Christmas.

  • I really want to try these! I’ve heard nothing but great things, and we love crest so I will give them a try.

  • I would love to have whiter teeth, I am totally going to have to try and check out this product I think 🙂 x

  • You can smile with much confidence when you have white teeth. I want to try this.

  • I think Smile plays a key role in getting the first impression & you need to ensure that you look your teeth looks good for sure. Crest 3D looks like a wonderful product to try out, am going to check out Walmart.

  • dontemailme@gmail.com'
    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    5 years ago

    Teeth are the first thing I notice. This sounds great.

    • Yes indeed, that’s the first thing that gets noted right away & a perfect smile always makes a good beginning with someone.

  • I hate going to the dentist and my teeth could use a whitening. Is this safe to use during pregnancy?

  • I have been noticing the older I get, the more stained my teeth become. I wonder if they have this for sensitive teeth, or if this would work for that.

  • White teeth and a nice smile is typically one of the first things people notice. We have used these Crest strips and they work really well.

  • The photos. A gift that will last a lifetime. Having white teeth is a must for family gatherings.

  • I always feel better when my smile is nice and white. This would be a great way to get the perfect holiday smile.

    • annb10@rogers.com'
      Ann Bacciaglia
      5 years ago

      It is a real confidence booster for me to. This would be a great gift.

  • My teeth need some serious whitening as well! I cannot wait to see your after photos.

  • I don’t smile in holiday pictures at all. It is my goal next year to get my teeth in top shape. Thanks for these reasons.

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