HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Co-workers Gifts


Have you been contemplating on what to get for co-workers gifts? I can tell you that it is always a challenge for me when it comes to coming up with ideas for co-workers gifts. If you are looking for something a little different, here are some pretty cool ideas.


We have a lot of potlucks at our workplace, so here is the perfect gift for the chef in your crew. Plus, it is a gift you can feel good giving.

Illuminate – The Gifts that Give back…Bialetti’s Illuminate 10″ sauté pans were created to bring light and funds to worthy causes and the charities that support them, with 10 percent of all sales going to each pan’s designated cause: Illuminate Pink supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation; Illuminate Blue, supports Autism Speaks; and Illuminate Yellow, supports clean water projects through charity:water. Illuminate’s coating is non-toxic by being PTFE- free and PFOA-free, and is eco-friendly as the coating is applied at a low temperature, leading to a lower emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. Available at or for $29.99.

caranel tin

Who doesn’t love caramels? If you are going to get caramels for your co-workers, you might as well get them the best!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Annie B’s caramels. The Holiday Caramel Tin Classic Assortment ($24) is an elegant gift with an assortment of 45 caramels including original, sea salt and chocolate. It’s a gift within a gift with the tin being reusable as a decoration or for storage. Get the holiday tin HERE.


Oh em gee. If you have an amazing co-worker, they deserve to get an amazing snack…Garrett Popcorn.

Garrett Popcorn Shops® is a gourmet popcorn company that handcrafts small batches of popcorn in-shop daily, using only the highest-quality ingredients and signature blend of non-GMO kernels. Garrett Popcorn Shops will be offering two limited time flavors for the holiday season: a fan-favorite, White Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp and a brand new flavor, Peppermint Frost. Garrett is a great gift to treat friends, family, colleagues, etc., and the perfect complement to share at holiday parties or gatherings. All Garrett Popcorn can be ordered online and shipped across the country, and through the holiday they are offering shipping for just $4.95. You can order HERE.


FrostGuard Windshield Cover

What if you didn’t have to scrape your windshield in the blistering cold or wait for it to defrost when you could be well on your way? For consideration in your holiday gift coverage, please check out FrostGuard® protective wintertime windshield cover – it’s a 20 second solution to a 20 minute problem! It keeps your windshield clear and frost free, even in the most challenging winter elements. Priced under $30! You can get it here.

FrostGuard® comes in a variety of colors, fashion prints and patterns. It’s sold on QVC and broke record after record (over 1.5 million sold!) – people bought one for themselves and a family member or friend. It’s a really great product that is practical and makes a positive impact on the daily winter routine.

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