The Best Corn Mazes in the U.S. to Visit This Fall

Corn mazes and the fall season go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Here are some of the best corn mazes in the U.S. to visit this fall.


Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Amazing Maize Maze– Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Amazing Maize Maze is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This 5-acre corn maze features more than 2.5 acres of bridges, paths and clues. They have a flashlight maze on Friday and Saturday nights in the fall. The theme for the 2015 corn maze is “20 Years of Trails and Rails.” Besides the corn maze, the farm has a load of other activities including Wagon Rides, Hay Jump, Singing Chicken Show and Pedal Kart Tracks.


Sever’s Corn Maze and Fall Festival– Sever’s Corn Maze and Fall Festival is located in Shakopee, Minnesota. The corn maze is open from the middle of September until the beginning of November. In 2015, it will mark the 19th year of the corn maze and the fall festival. The 2015 corn maze theme is “Honoring Firefighters,” with the maze shaped like a fire truck. Their past themes include 2001- The United States, 2004- Election Year and 2007- Wild West. Other activities throughout the farm include Pig Races, Petting Zoo, Live Music, Zip Lines and Pony Rides.


Happy Day Farm Corn Maze– Happy Day Farm Corn Maze is located in Manalapan, New Jersey. Their corn maze is the largest in all of New Jersey. The 13-acre corn maze’s theme for 2015 is “150th Anniversary of the Civil War’s End.” The farm has several new activities for 2015 including a Sunflower Maze, Giant Checker Board and Wooden Train Playground.


Connors Farm Corn Maze– Connors Farm Corn Maze is located in Danvers, Massachusetts. USA Today named this farm maze as one of the Top 10 Corn Mazes in the United States for Family Fun. The corn maze’s 2015 theme is “Wild, Wild West.” Connors Farm is family owned and operated and has been in business since 1904.

Have you ever been to a corn maze? I just think they are the coolest things!'
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13 Responses to “The Best Corn Mazes in the U.S. to Visit This Fall

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    5 years ago

    We are going to one next weekend. SO much fun!

  • I have never been to a corn maze. We may have one in Austin that I should look in to.

  • I have never been to a corn maze. One of these is under an hour away, I wonder if we can fit in a visit before Halloween.

  • I have never been to a corn maze. It sounds so fun. I would love to do this with the kids.

  • Now that is one magnificent corn maze. I love it! I will have to make sure we visit this one of these next years. I love these kind of things.

  • I don’t think we have those here in Miami 🙁 But we visited a few when we live in NC, loved them.

  • Wow. The kid are into corn mazes. Me, I find I get morr lost then found.

    Jennifer Williams
    5 years ago

    Wow, those look amazing. We had a pretty good one here but they closed after last year. I hope we get another one next year.

  • How fun! I’ve never been to a corn maze, neither have my kiddos but this would be SO MUCH FUN to do. I wish I was in the US I’d be for sure visiting!

  • A corn maze looks like so much fun. I love the designs. I will have to see what is in my area so i can take the kids.

  • My son is terrified of mazes. We got lost in one a few years ago and he won’t do one again!

  • We are not doing one this year. First time in a long time. I’ll miss it.

  • I have been longing to visit a corn maze, but had never got a chance so far. These are some of the best of them that would be of great fun to visit. The Sever’s Corn Maze in particular looks fabulous & I would love to give it a try.

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