6 After School Snacks


School days can be hectic and you know the kids will be hungry when they get home. You want to have a healthy snack that won’t ruin their appetite for dinner, but are you running out of ideas? Here are some great ideas that can help you plan snacks for the whole week and keep the kids happy, too.


Fruit and cheese make a good pairing for a snack. Try apples and cheddar, or grapes with string cheese for a healthy snack. The protein from the cheese and the fiber from the fruit should keep the kids going until dinner.


If there are no nut allergies in your household, then peanut butter is a great choice in moderation. Alternatively you can use soy butter. Try dipping celery, apples, pretzels or crackers in the peanut butter. Your kids may even think of other foods that they want to try dipping!


Another great dipping food is hummus. Whether you want to make your own or buy your favorite flavor at the store, you can dip lots of snacks in hummus. Pita chips or pretzels are good, but celery or carrots could also be paired with this healthy snack.


Yogurt is another great afternoon snack. Try Greek yogurt for the extra protein. If your kids don’t like the strong flavor, cut up some fruit to add to the yogurt, and even add some granola or nuts to add some crunch to this snack.


Smoothies can be a yummy treat for after school. You can find healthy recipes online. Some are yogurt based and you can add lots of fruit flavors (and even sneak in some vegetables!)Just look for a smoothie recipe that doesn’t have tons of sugar in it.


Pinwheels are a fun snack that kids like to eat. Start with a healthy wrap and add some lean meats and cheese. You could also spread some hummus or avocado in the wrap. This is also a different way to serve PB & J!

Planning ahead and keeping some healthy snacks on hand will help keep your afterschool routine running a little smoother. Give the kids a great snack and then they will be ready for homework, chores, or play time.

Madison Main
When Madison isn't tending to her job at a bank, she is hauling her 5 children to soccer practice and other activities. Main is also a speech and drama coach at the local high school.

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