4 Good Reasons to Host a Foreign Exchange Student


There are many foreign exchange students that are looking for a host home in this country. It might seem like a hassle or too much work to be a host, but there are a lot of positive reasons to consider hosting a foreign student in your home.

1. You and your children will get a personal glimpse into another culture. It is a great learning experience and you can learn a new language (or at least a few phrases!) Your household will gain a better appreciation of life in another country as well as give you a fresh look at life in our country.

2. Good host families are not always easy to find and you are giving a student a chance at a once in a lifetime experience. Imagine if your child wanted to go to another country. You would want to know they were safe and in good hands. You are giving other parents this sense of security when you open your home to a foreign exchange student.

3. While your exchange student is living in your home you get a chance to show off your hometown, state and even the country. This gives you a good excuse to play tourist and explore great venues near to you that you may not have been to in a long time. You might even find some hidden gems in your area that you did not even know existed. You and your family can have a great time together showing your exchange student around.

4. Trying new cuisine can apply to both you and your student guest. Your student might want to cook some of their home dishes for your family. They might not have had any of this country’s food, so it is a good opportunity to share some of your favorite dishes with them. If there is a local restaurant that specialized in their cuisine, make a point of taking them out to eat there. Show them you are just as interested in their culture as they are in ours.

Do your research to make sure you want to consider being a host for a foreign student. Once you make the decision just enjoy the time you get to spend with a visitor from another country.

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16 Responses to “4 Good Reasons to Host a Foreign Exchange Student

  • You know what? When I was growing up I always heard of families with a exchange student , and wondered about it! This is such a great idea !

  • I wish I had the room for an exchange student. I would do it in a minute!

  • I have never thought about this before. I would think kids could learn a lot from a Foreign exchange student, like they culture, etc.

  • Someone at church hosts foreign exchange students. It seems like a really cool opportunity especially now that I am an empty nester.

  • I think it would be really neat to host a foreign exchange student. I’ve never really thought about it but I think it would be a neat experience.

  • When I used to do baby sitting way back when. I had one lady I worked for who had a host student every summer. There was always someone new. She also got a little bit of money to help off set expenses. I worked for her for a few years and her home was a rotating door for host students. She had so many nice students and only had issues with one but didn’t allow that to stop her. She felt it was important that her kids learn the values of other cultures as well as their own. That was when I was in Canada.
    when I married and met my husband our pastor takes in a host student once a year they have four kids who they consider part of their faimly now and have included them in Christmas exchange gifts and kept up to date on happenings in the Ukrine ect. It’s wonderful to see. I hope you get the chance to have at least one host student.

  • My neighbors used to host every year. They still keep in contact with all their students, too. Never had any problems. I may consider doing it when my girls move out and we have more room.

  • Welcoming a foreign exchange student in your home is a great way to learn about different cultures from a first hand experience! I wish I could participate if I had an extra room in the house.

  • I’ve always wanted to host a foreign exchange student! What a great experience for a family as a whole!

  • I have always thought that would be fun! I love learning about other cultures.

  • I’ve never thought of doing this, but after reading your post, I would definitely consider hosting a foreign exchange student. This will be a great way to learn about other cultures.

  • I’m sure that both parties learn a lot about each other in this arrangement. It would be so much fun to host a foreign exchange student.

  • annb10@rogers.com'
    Ann Bacciaglia
    6 years ago

    I always thought it would be amazing to host a foreign exchange student. My friend did it years ago and loved it. Her kids learned so much about his culture.

  • We lived in Mexico for over 11 years so I have always thought it would be a great experience to host someone in our home. This is really god information.

  • It is good to see that there so many positive reasons in hosting a foreign student at home. Learning new culture is something which I always admire. And playing as as tourist and exploring great venues is going to be fun as well.

  • I wish we had, had the option to do something like this at school I think it is such a cool idea. x

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