Part 2: My Invaded Wreath’s New Residents

The moment we’ve all been waiting for at our house has finally arrived. The birth of the wreath invaders! Yolanda Robin has given birth to four bouncing baby birds and I have to admit they are cute as can be.


It has been fun to watch the growth of the birds from day to day and Lola has been having a blast watching Yolanda fly back to the nest with worms in her mouth. Lola’s days have been consumed with checking in on the babies and I even bravely lifted her up outside so she could peek into the nest with Yolanda’s watchful eye on us.  She gets a kick out of watching the birds open their mouths every time Yolanda flies back to the nest.

Unfortunately what I haven’t yet prepared Lola for is when the babies leave the nest. We still have a few days before that happens. Until then, we will watch and marvel at the new little babies that Mama Yolanda proudly cares for.

These wreath invaders are kinda cute.

After doing a little research, here are a few fun facts about Baby Robins via Journey North:

*Both parents feed the babies. A robin might make 100 feeding visits to its nest each day. There’s no time to go far on a food hunt. That’s why a good territory is important to robins in spring.

*Baby robins are helpless at birth but grow fast! They reach the size of their parents after just two weeks!

*Baby robins jump from their nest when they are about 13 days old. Leaving the nest is called fledging. This is a dangerous time for baby robins. They need time—and safe places—to practice flying. Please keep kitty indoors!

Speaking of “kitty”, here she watches the baby birds with amazement too!


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8 Responses to “Part 2: My Invaded Wreath’s New Residents

  • OH wow!! In the wreath? Hahahaha. That’s an adorable picture though. We used to have baby robins at our front door every year only because we had a big cedar tree there and they loved that thing. Every year we’d have babies too. Sometimes they all flew away and other times they sadly had a few mishaps.

  • aw I was waiting to see if you’d update! This is so cute. They look adorable. How fun. My kitty would do the exact same things and my dogs would go nuts!

  • Oh wow how amazing that you got to spend time watching them hatch and grow! x

  • Ha! I love the expression on your cat’s face! She is really into the wreath invaders. 🙂

  • Wreath invaders, but they sure are cute! Your cat’s expression is awesome 🙂

  • That is so cool! My grandma had a nest built in one of hers too..

  • Aww, how cute. We had a bird’s nest full of babies last summer and my husband had to keep adjusting it so it wouldn’t fall off the branch.

  • That is such a lovely surprise to see! I am always amazed by new baby birds and how quickly they grow and fly away!

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