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Mother’s Day is coming soon! If you are looking for homemade gifts that children can make, look no further. We have some fun and easy ideas to brighten up Mother’s Day. The kids will have fun making these unique and handmade gifts, too.

Flowers are a staple for Mother’s Day, but let’s think about some different vessels to put the flowers in. You can make a pretty vase out of an old glass bottle or jar. All you need is the bottle, some colorful yarn, scissors and glue. You start at the top, put some glue and then start wrapping the yarn around the bottle. You can use one color, or try using several colors. Let the kids get creative and colorful. When it is done, add a few daisies or flowers of your choice and the kids will have a beautiful gift for mom.

Another vase idea is using an old can, and either painting the can or gluing some cork around it. The cork idea is great for an office since Mom can also pin up little reminder notes if she wants to. If you use paint, let the kids come up with a design and then paint away. Mom will have a useful, but personal gift.

If you want to give mom an outdoor plant, there are lots of creative ‘planters’ that kids can make. One cute idea is to take a rain boot and use as a planter. This would be great for the kids to do with a rain boot that they have outgrown. Mom would love the plant and also have fond memories of her little ones wearing those boots.


Find a little box that you can decorate with paint and some ribbon. Let the kids write mom a little love note or poem if they want. You can also fill with little slips of paper that express their love for mother. When they give the present to mom, tell her that she can take a slip of paper out every day to remind her of how much her children love her. What mom wouldn’t appreciate that?

Older kids might want to make mom a dried-lilac or lavender-filled sachet. To minimize the sewing involved use a pretty handkerchief or quilting quarter of fabric. Just fold, stitch partially, fill the sachet and stitch up the rest. Any mom would appreciate the relaxing scented sachets that could go in her dresser drawers or under her pillow.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Have the kids make these, or other handmade gifts, to make this Mother’s Day memorable for the special mom in their lives.

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