7 Foods That Help With Stress and Anxiety

If your goal is to overcome stress and anxiety without the use of medications, then you will need to make some lifestyle changes. One of those lifestyle changes includes eating the right foods to help lower your stress and anxiety.


Oysters– Oysters are ideal for reducing anxiety because they are loaded with zinc. Research has shown that those who suffer from anxiety actually have an imbalance of zinc and copper. If you eat foods with lots of copper but lower levels of zinc, this may lead to anxiety symptoms.


Chamomile tea– Chamomile tea has been shown to lessen stress in only a couple of weeks. This is because chamomile tea is mild, soothing and has a calming effect.


Organ meats– Organ meats are a great source of healthy nutrients to help with stress and anxiety. Two of the best nutrients are Vitamin D and zinc. In addition, organ meats such as liver also have a great deal of Vitamin B.


Avocados– Avocados are really great helping with anxiety and stress. Avocados are rich in potassium and potassium helps to lower blood pressure naturally. In addition, avocados also a substantial amount of monounsaturated fats and B Vitamins that helps with brain health.


Dark Chocolate– Nothing beats stress like some dark chocolate. The Journal of Psychopharmacology published a placebo-controlled study that showed people who drank around one and a half ounces of dark chocolate each day were calmer than those who didn’t.


Asparagus– Asparagus is a green vegetable that contains a great deal of folic acid. Folic acid has been shown to help stabilize mood.


Almonds– Nothing beats stress and anxiety better than a handful of almonds. Almonds are packed with Vitamin B2 as well as Vitamin E. Also, almonds also contain a great deal of zinc and magnesium as well. You may think that almonds are high in fat but the fact is that the majority of that fat is unsaturated.

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