How to Care for Leather Handbags


If you have a leather handbag, it is something that needs some special tender loving care. These quality bags are often sought after because of their unique small and quality materials. If these handbags are not cared for properly, they will become dull and lackluster over the course of time.

Cleaning– It is important that you routinely wipe down and dirt and residue from your handbag with a cleaner that is specifically made for leather. Some handbag manufacturers such as Coach will have their own brand of leather cleaners.

Also, when you are cleaning the bag itself you also need to remember to clean the hardware as well including the buckles.

In between routine cleanings, wipe down your handbag with a clean, dry cloth.

Conditioning– Leather is much like skin in that if you don’t condition it regularly it will become dry over the course of time.

To prevent your bag from flaking, rub some conditioner on the bag with a soft cloth once per month.

You can also use mink oil which is designed to supplement the leather’s natural oils. Just apply the mink oil to the handbag, leave on for 15 minutes and wipe off the excess with a soft cloth.

Weatherproofing– Leather is not all weatherproof since it is permeable. Because of this fact, you don’t want to take your handbag out in bad weather if you can avoid it. However, if you do expose the bag to harsh weather, you can apply some beeswax cream to the leather. The beeswax cream will act as a water barrier.

Storing– When you are storing leather bags, you want to try and keep it in the original dust bag it came with. You also want to stuff the bag with butter paper so that it holds it shape. When you are storing the bag, you want to air it out twice a month to stop any mold from growing.

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