8 Makeup Tips for Women on a Budget


Makeup Tips for Women on a Budget

Makeup can be a costly expense for some women. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you, especially if you are on a budget.

1. If you find a lipstick in the store that you just loved but then didn’t love it so much when you put it on, just layer it with another shade of lipstick to create a new shade. This way you won’t waste the recently-purchased lipstick.

2. If you have mascara that has dried up, you can bring new life to it by adding about 10 drops of saline to the tube. Then, just close the mascara tube, shake it and swirl the brush around a few times.

3. Instead of spending a ton of money on makeup remover, you can use baby shampoo such as Johnson’s No More Tears Baby Shampoo instead. This will save you some cash and it works just as great as makeup remover.

4. If you find that your perfume is running on the low side, you can make it last longer by adding the last drops of the perfume into a bottle of unscented lotion.

5. Before you make any makeup purchases online, check out sites such as RetailMeNot to look for money-saving coupons. Even if there are no coupons available at the time, they usually have free shipping coupon codes.

6. To make your liquid foundation last longer, try using a makeup brush instead of a makeup sponge to apply the foundation. This is because sponges absorb a great deal of foundation so they will use it up quicker.

7. If you cannot afford to constantly purchase makeup brush, you can use paint brushes as an alternative. Paint brushes are cheaper than makeup brushes and you can find them in the exact size and texture as makeup brushes.

8. If you constantly deal with makeup compacts breaking while in your purse or backpack, try adding a cotton ball inside the compact.

Do you have any Makeup Tips for Women on a Budget that you would like to share?

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