7 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families


Valentine’s Day is one filled with love and romance. Well, that is before you have children of course. While you may still want some alone time with your spouse, it is important to remember that kids love holidays and traditions too. Here are some fun ways that you can make Valentine’s Day special for the whole family.

1.  Everyone loves to eat, so why make meals together that everyone will not only enjoy eating but enjoy making as well. You can make hearts out of toast and add some strawberry jelly on top. You can also make heart shaped French toast topped with powdered sugar. For dinner, you can make stuffed shells with marina sauce or heart shaped meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes.


2.  Let your kids and spouse know that you are thinking about them all day by leaving notes in the lunch, jacket pockets and backpacks so they can find them throughout the day.

3.  Many people only do family pictures for Christmas but take advantage of Valentine’s Day as well. You can use fun props and backgrounds such as chalk boards, candy, red and pink streamers, hearts and red and pink balloons.


4.  Gather up the family and settle in for a night on the couch with some great family movies. Some great movie ideas include PG rated movies like The Princess Bride, Shrek and Enchanted and G rated movies such as Beauty and The Beast and Wall-E.


5.  If you know a neighbor or friend who is alone on Valentine’s Day, this is a good time to do something nice for them. You can bake up a batch of heart shaped sugar cookies or bring over a bouquet of flowers with a card the kids created. You can also take little goodie bags with treats to places like homeless shelters, hospitals and nursing homes.

6.  Why not host a party for the entire family? Have the kids pick out their favorite stuffed animal to join the party as well. You can create fun games like Valentine’s Day Bingo, make some cupcakes with red frosting and make some cool crafts. Don’t forget to serve the food on red paper plates.


7.  Before the kids head to bed for the night, choose a story to read to them with a Valentine’s Day theme such as I Would Tug You In by Sarah Asper-Smith or Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart by Jane O’Connor.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids?

Krystal Blue
Krystal Blue dropped out of culinary school to be a full time mom to her two little angels, but it is a decision she does not regret! She loves doing crossword puzzles in her spare time and reading romance novels.

24 Responses to “7 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families

  • massmommie@gmail.com'
    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    6 years ago

    These are great ideas. I usually just get the kids some treats and call it a day.

  • I love Valentine’s Day! Those cookies look delicious and now that my kids are grown, they can make them for me!

  • Decorating sugar cookies and doing cards are two of our favorite activities. We also make a ton of crafts.

  • I give my son a card and a Valentine’s Day gift of some sort. This year I’m traveling for work, so I’ll need to figure out something really fun I can do from afar.

  • I’m still shocked at how big this holiday is! My family and I don’t celebrate it but these are all very cute ideas.

  • These are fun ideas! We’ve never really done much for Valentine’s Day.

  • I love all of these super cute ideas. I love Valentine’s day. It’s such a great holiday for showing everyone how much they mean to you.

  • I haven’t even thought of Valentines Day. I was just so glad to get over the Christmas Holidays this year that I haven’t thought of anything else.

  • We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day in our house. My nephew’s birthday is Valentine’s Day so it over shadows anything else.

  • My husband thinks I am crazy but for Valentine’s Day, Cupid delivers my girl’s little Valentine gifts such as candy and chocolate. I am assuming that once they are married this will stop because Cupid does not visit me.

  • These are great ideas,I am still getting over christmas and trying not to think of valentines lol.

  • mrs198128@yahoo.com'
    Melissa Smith
    6 years ago

    We usually make Valentine’s Day a family event too since we can never get a sitter to go out anyways. My kids absolutely adore all of the heart shaped foods I make.

  • Great ideas to celebrate Valentine’s as a family!
    Love the idea of inviting a lonely person over

  • What great ideas! I love the idea of watching some cute family movies together.

  • Spending Valentines day together as a family is an amazing thing to do. We have always enjoyed making Valentines Day all about the Family. My husband and I spend time together once the kids go to bed.

    These are all FABULOUS ideas!

  • My kids are usually at school. I send treats with them for them and their classes which is proving to be expensive as I have 4 in school, 3 now but it can be pricey!

  • I love Valentines day, it is so much fun and very cute; loved all these idea to spend it with the family!

  • Valentines day is always so nice, it’s great spending it with the family; thank you for these awesome tips!

  • No kids here yet, but when I was growing up, my dad always woke my sister and I up on Valentine’s Day with candy and flowers 😉 So sweet!

  • These are really great ideas. We try to do something small as a family, whether its exchange a homemade gift or $1 Tree item. Hubs and I usually use Valentines as an excuse to do an in-state weekend getaway.

  • I think Valentines Day is so fun for finding ways to decorate. It’s also great for yummy treats!

  • I love the family movie night idea for Valentine’s Day. It’s a sweet way to spend the holiday together as a family.

  • Good ideas. Valentines Day is my son’s birthday so we always do something special with the whole family.

  • We usually don’t do anything. A few times I got them card and cupcakes. I see it more as a day for lovers, so I don’t get too carried away with family things

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