Quaker Simply Granola Snack Balls Recipe: Great Snack For Kids AND Adults!

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With life as busy as it is, it has been truly beneficial for us to prepare a few snack items and meals in advance. Though I am not very good when it comes to planning ahead, this is my goal for the New Year. My first experiment? Yummy, wholesome snacks.

I love my husband dearly, but when he goes grocery shopping, he typically comes home with cereal surely to rot your teeth out. Cookies and milk cereal? Chocolate infused flakes with sugar? Yeah, not in the least bit good for your chompers. So, I made a trip to Walmart and stocked up on some of Quaker’s cereal. I have always loved Quaker Life cereal and now my kids do as well. In addition to Life, I added a couple other Quaker flavors including Quaker® Oatmeal Squares, Quaker® Real Medleys, and Quaker® Simply Granola. Then, when I got back home, I decided to do something a little different with Quaker® Simply Granola.


Not only will the kids have a different option for breakfast, I thought I would whip up some snacks that would also give them nutrients…without them really knowing. I would feel better about the kiddos grabbing these instead of the pastries and crackers and cheese they normally stuff in their backpacks.

So here’s the snack I am going to try out on my kids as they gear up to go back to school after their holiday break.

Ladies and gents, I introduce to you, the Quaker Simply Granola Snack Balls.


Step 1: Melt 3 Tbsps of butter in a medium sized saucepan on low heat, along with 4 cups of mini marshmallows. Stir in 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter. Mix constantly until completely melted.


Step 2: Pour in 4-5 cups of Simply Granola cereal into the melted marshmallow mixture.


Step 3: Dump mixture onto parchment paper and form the mixture into mini granola balls.


Step 4: Let cool and enjoy!

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