Make It A #LuvsLeakFreeHoliday (Giveaway)

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Luvs. All opinions are 100% mine.

I remember when my daughter was a little girl she absolutely hated being wet. When she got strong enough to take off her diaper (which she did) because it was even the slightest bit damp on her skin, off came the diaper. And if you didn’t catch her quick enough, there would be a fun little piddle on the carpet or hardwood floor…not a real pleasant situation to clean up, especially if the piddle paddle had been sitting for quite some time. Unless, of course, you end up soaking it up with your sock-enclosed foot. Not only that, but having to track down where she stuff the soiled diaper was often times a challenge. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to be searching for wet diapers when I could be preparing the holiday goodies.


As if life isn’t already crazy, add the holidays onto our already crazy life and bam, insanity. The last thing on your mind is worrying about a diaper that isn’t protecting and keeping your little one’s bum bum dry. We want smiles on our faces, no tears this holiday season.


Luvs diapers, a trusted name in baby care, knows that the holiday season is full of stressful moments, but they don’t want diaper leaks be one of them. This holiday, Luvs wants everyone to celebrate a Leak-Free Holiday.

Luvs with NightLock offers its largest absorbency area EVER to help lock wetness away, which means less leaks during the holiday season for baby and more time for parents to enjoy the festivities. Leaks can disrupt even the most routine baby’s sleep schedule during the holidays. Keeping baby leak-free through the night will make for a merrier morning.


Luvs Leak Barrier Leg Gathers ensure leaks are kept away from holiday outfits and in our diaper – where they belong! Have you checked out Luvs adorable “Will It Leak” video series yet? Well, tis’ the season of holiday miracles! And this year, Luvs is turning clicks into diapers. From December 9th – 25th, for every view their Will It Leak “Santa Suit” video receives on their social media channels, Luvs will give diapers to children in need through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.


The holiday fun doesn’t stop there! This holiday, Luvs is also inviting parents to whip up a baby book for their child in a few quick clicks with Luvs and Tweekaboo. Get yours here. This is so cool! Be sure to share with your fellow mama friends so they can make their own baby books too.

And now because we love our readers and Luvs diapers, we are offering up a fun prize pack to one lucky reader. Here’s what you could win:

o Branded Luvs tote bag
o #LuvsLeakFreeHoliday travel coffee mug
o Hot chocolate
o Luvs branded purple star ornament
o My First Kwanzaa book
o Plush Musical Dreidel
o Hanukkah gelt
o Two packs of Luvs diapers
o A tub of Luvs wipes

We will choose one winner after 12/31/14. Enter below and good luck! Contest open to US residents only.

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Another super cool thing I would like to blow your mind with.


Please join @Luvs and celebrity dad and expectant father @donald_faison for a #LuvsLeakFreeHoliday Twitter Party on Thursday, December 11th, from 9-10pmEST, where we’ll be sharing personal holiday leak stories.'
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26 Responses to “Make It A #LuvsLeakFreeHoliday (Giveaway)

  • I do love me a giveaway. I my son is out of diapers but I have a Godson that I would love to win this for!

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    6 years ago

    I always used Luvs when my kids were babies. They worked really well.

  • I used to get so annoyed when diapers would leak through or around. My Grandkids use Luvs.

  • What a nice giveaway. I know a lot of people who use Luvs.

  • My mishap was running out of diapers on a flight home for christmas b/c I grabbed the wrong bag. It would have been horrible but there was a mother on the flight with extra but the stewardesses had to ask over the loud speakers.

  • Nice. A good quality diaper is always a must have with kids.

  • No one likes dealing with leaks. They’re the worst when you’re running errands.

  • we are far to busy during the holiday season to worry about leaks. Plus we want our babies extra happy!

  • Luvs has always been a great brand. I used them as well when my daughter was little.

  • Growing up my brother would accidentally open up my sister’s presents year after year. We still tease him about it to this day.

  • Luvs is such a great baby brand. I used them often when our kids were little ones.

  • The holidays are a terrible time to have to worry about leaks. We used Luvs with my son and they worked great.

    6 years ago

    We never had a problem with Luvs! I would stock up when they were on sale!

  • What a great sounding brand – I can imagine leaking is a pain for both baby and parents. x

  • I always liked Luvs diapers, I have never had any leak issues with them.

  • We love Luvs diapers. They are the only ones that work for my daughter right now. I love that they are affordable too!

    I don’t have a funny story really but my daughter was born on 12/17 and I had a cesarean. I was so exhausted the week after still and ended up sleeping through our Christmas celebration! oops!

  • I hear such great things about Luvs. I wish we had them here in Canada would love to try them!

  • Luvs is a great brand, this is such an awesome give away!

  • Luvs is always a brand that I keep my eyes out for, they are just so great!

    Angela S
    6 years ago

    Luvs is a great brand, I wish I used Luvs when my son was little. I remember a couple times that we were out and about and we had a leak.

  • If there’s going to be a leak, it’s almost always at an inopportune moment. Trusting your diapers is therefore, huge!! We always liked Luvs!

  • I used Luvs when my kids were in diapers. They always worked great. No leaks and a happy baby.

  • Great giveaway. Kids hate staying wet. Having a good diaper on is so important.

  • Oh that face! I know some moms who would appreciate this giveaway!

    Chrissy Mazzocchi
    6 years ago

    Awwww such a cutie pie! I’m entering this for my Sister who just had a baby 🙂

  • Luvs was one of my go to diapers when my girls were little. Sadly they are passed that age now.

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