5 Best Apps For The Kids On Road Trips + Rilos and Mimi Travel Giveaway


Roadtrips can get long and often times torturous for families with little kids. I’m not going to lie…there have been a few times where I have told my kids that if they didn’t quit fighting, we would have to pull over the car or “I’ll turn this car around!!!” While I am not a huge advocate for letting my children play video games and technology alllll day long, I surely don’t have a problem with an ipad babysitter in the car. Five people packed into a Toyota Camry is definitely gas efficient, but not the most comfortable experience on a long drive to Grandma’s house. So, that is why our kids have tablets and ipods to keep themselves occupied.

Here are the 5 Best Apps for Kids on A Road Trip that you may consider downloading for your upcoming hectic holiday travelling schedule.

Heck, even I’d play these!


1. State Plate Bingo:

Can you find all 50 states in a single road trip? There’s only one way to find out. This app is an ongoing quest for the entire family.  We used to play this without an app, but how fun to keep track!  Note: The iPhone version works on an iPad, but isn’t optimized for it.


2. 123 Color: Talking Coloring Book: My soon-to-be 5 year old LOVES to color. Color crayons and books can get strewn all about in the car making for a messy road trip. But this app keeps my little one entertained. There are more than 200 coloring pages, but the download doesn’t stop there. This app talks back so your kids can get positive reinforcement as they color. And if you have the iPad version, there are also a variety of world maps that can help with some basic geography lessons. Nothing like a dual purpose app!

Ages: 3-6
Platform: iOS, $2


3. Minecraft Pocket Edition:

I don’t know any young boy who isn’t a fan of Minecraft. I’m not sure what it is about this game, but hey, if it can keep my boy picking on his little sister on a long road trip, it is worth the $7 download. The goal of this game is to build, so your kids don’t need to be connected to the Internet to go on exciting adventures. I like to think of this game as Legos for the digital generation.
Ages: 6-12
Platform: iOS/Android, $7


4. Mad Libs | Ages: 4 and up | free
If your kid likes silly sentences—and really, what kid doesn’t?—then this app is a slam dunk. Even very young kids can get in on the action with a little help. The app itself is free, but the books (which contain 21 stories each) cost $1.99 as in-app purchases. Just so you know, the funniest noun in the English language is “hamster” and the funniest adjective is “hairy.”



5.  Family Car Games

With 100 no-equipment-required activities appropriate for the entire family, the Family Car Games app tells you how to play each game, so you can put away the device and enjoy some quality time—unplugged. Choose from game categories like Memory Games, Out the Window and Singing Games so everyone can join in on the fun! $1.99; available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. For more information and where to buy, click here.

So why not keep the kids hands free while playing with these awesomely fun apps. Savingmamasita.com and Rilos and Mimi are giving away one Tablet Traveler case and a $15 itunes gift card just in time for YOUR holiday travels!


A Rilos & MiMi Tablet Traveler Case can be hooked to many places including car head rests, car seat handle and strollers to keep your little ones entertained while on the go. Or have your little ones hold the case to play with your tablet as you can navigate the touch screen through the vinyl viewing cover.

The clips are included with each iPad Traveler case.  Fleece lining provides protection for your tablet and there is extra space on the Velcro closure for headphones or a charger to fit through.

Enter to win below!  Good Luck and Happy Travelling!

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Special thanks to Rilos and Mimi for sponsoring this great giveaway.

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13 Responses to “5 Best Apps For The Kids On Road Trips + Rilos and Mimi Travel Giveaway

  • This is awesome! We are actually going on a road trip in a few weeks and this will certainly come in handy! I need to get that tablet travelers case. It will work wonders in my vehicle.

  • These are fantastic! I think they would make road trips easier for everyone!

  • I have a travel case for my toddlers iPad mini. I’m going to download that first color app. I’m looking for a few new apps to put on her iPad. Price is right too.

  • My 15 month old LOVE doc Mcstuffins and that tablet is AWESOME for travel! Thank you for sharing!

  • chrissy4gordon24@yahoo.com'
    Chrissy Mazzocchi
    6 years ago

    My Son loves the Minecraft game, it keeps him entertained for hours!

  • Thats a neat little tablet holder. I remember when I was young and went on road trips, I did a lot of reading, coloring, and puzzle books. I can only imagine what things would of been like if we had electronics. But, i would of probably missed out on a lot of things that I was able to see looking out the car windows.

  • mrs198128@yahoo.com'
    Melissa Smith
    6 years ago

    This post is just what I needed! We’re planning quite the car trip to go see some Christmas lights next weekend & I was worried about how to keep the fighting on the way out there to a minimum. Now I know!

  • I love the FAmily Car Games App. I wish this was around when my kids were younger and I am struggling to think of games to play during our road trips.

  • We love taking road trips in our family. These are some great tips for making each road trip a more enjoyable experience.

  • My girls would love the talking coloring book. They like art and being creative.

  • ammcmaho@mtu.edu'
    amanda @attachedmoms
    6 years ago

    Great ideas – road trips mean a NEED for variety and something new.

  • All 5 of my kids would use this and love MineCraft. Long or short trips this would be fun

  • nicole@nicoleschoice.com'
    Nicole Bowers
    6 years ago

    As a single Mom of 3, I often pull over for little breaks and stretches.. I need some traveling games

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