TAKE THE QUIZ: How Young Is Too Young For A Phone?


I remember quite vividly the conversation my husband and I had about our kids having phones. It wasn’t going to happen. We survived without cell phones when we were kids, so they can too! Well, sorry to break the news to you honey, times have changed!

My philosophy is, if the technology is there, why not use it?!

The question is, is your kid ready for the HUGE responsibility? And by ready, I mean REALLY ready?

Here’s a fun little fact for you. Nielsen data recently revealed that 70% of kids age 13-17 now have a smartphone, compared to two years ago when that figure was only 36%. SEVENTY PERCENT!!!

Here’s a quiz from Zact Mobile, the experts in smartphones for kids, that can help you see if your child is ready for his/her first phone.


Does your child? (add 1 point for every “Yes” answer):

*Need the smartphone to stay connected to you for emergencies?

*Understand what types of apps are okay to download?

*Understand how to surf the web safely?

*Know how to use the phone safely and appropriately?

*Know who it’s okay to communicate with and who it’s not?

*Know what they should or shouldn’t share online?

*Know what kinds of words or pictures not to send?

*Respect your rules and adhere to time and usage limits?

*Understand the concept of voice, text and data limits and how to stay within them?

*Understand how to be responsible and to take care of not losing his or her phone?

0 Points
You should hold off on getting your child a smartphone. But get the conversation started between you and your child about responsibility on using smartphones.

1-3 Points
Your child is “normal”, but it’s not out of the question to get your child a smartphone, especially if he or she needs to reach you in an emergency. Make sure you get a smarter phone that lets you set limits on how your child can use the phone.

4-7 Points
Your child is ready, but will need “training wheels” for their first smartphone. Help your child to understand the rules, and use voice, data & text restrictions and parental controls to keep things in line.

8-10 Points
CONGRATULATIONS! Your child has the responsibility and awareness readying them for a smartphone.

My daughter is 13 and does have a phone and so far it has been very beneficial especially with her involvement in various school activities. So far she ONLY uses the phone to make phone calls.

How old do you think is too young for a phone?

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

24 Responses to “TAKE THE QUIZ: How Young Is Too Young For A Phone?

  • massmommie@gmail.com'
    Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    6 years ago

    My 10 year old wants one. I told him he has to be at least 13.

  • I feel like 12 or 13 is the right age for a child’s first phone but I’m sure that number will keep going down.

  • I am kind of like your husband and think kids shouldn’t have cell phones till they’re older. But then that’s just me

  • My kids are grown so this didn’t really become and issue as far as the smartphones go they didn’t exist. Cell phones were in use though it was only to call or text. I believe my daughter was 15 when she got her first cellphone only to be chewed up by my pug 2 days later. Woops!

  • My 11 year old has a phone and has had it since May/June…. He’s taken great care of it and stayed well under his bill and now when he’s at a friends I can easily get ahold of him so I’m all for it!

  • My kiddo is 4 so luckily this isn’t going to come up for a long while. He still isn’t allowed to go anywhere without me or his daddy so we’re good there.

  • Well, no kids here, but I kinda like the idea of them having a phone when they’re young. You can keep better tabs on them that way.

  • I know someone who just gave her kids a phone all three kids who were at the time 12-15. She thought it would give her control over being able to take the phones away if they didn’t do what they were told, she used it as a weapon against her ex husband and his current wife to show how much more she can give to the kids. I wish she had done it the right way. Kids need rules and boundaries no matter the ages there are a lot of sites and apps out there that kids can get into that could harm the kids if the apps and sites are not used in the right way. I’m not for a smart phone for any kid who can’t pay for it themselves. I am for a phone to be able to call in case of a emergancy with school shoots, and sex offenders on the rise and then just for safe reasons kids only need to be able to call or text. You can get them smart phones and turn off data, you can also put a block on who they can and can’t call. There are so many options out there but unless they can afford the smart phones on their own I’d only give the kids a phone they can call to and from on.

  • I think my kids had their first cell phones in high school. They needed them when they got their first jobs.

  • I’m am sticking to my guns.. and this is my 2nd set of kids … my kids will not have a personal cell phone but a ‘family’ cell phone that is used ‘as needed’. I hope I don’t eat my words

  • This is a fantastic guide to put to good use. We are not there yet but I might consider the same system for other requests…

  • I think as long as the child is responsible, the age doesn’t matter so much. Especially since you can set up controls to block certain apps and features.

  • My daughter got a phone younger than we would have liked because my husband worked out of town half the month and I needed to be able to get in touch with her and she needed to be able to get in touch with him. It worked out well, but she didn’t have unlimited texting or data when she first got her phone.

  • I got my first emergency only phone when I started driving. I think I want to delay as much as possible.

  • I didn’t even get my first cell phone until I was 14. Got my first smartphone just 2 years ago at 25. So I’m not in any hurry to get my future kids a smartphone 😛

  • A long time ago I use to think that no kid really needed a phone. Of course my thoughts on that have changed over the years and now I don’t really know if any child is “too young” for a phone.

    It all comes down to why do you think it is necessary for your child to have a phone and if your reasons are valid, then go for it.

  • That is a question only a parent can answer. My son is 10 and just got his first. I don’t think he’s too young but with my job it’s good to know that I can keep tabs on him when I want to.

  • My son is 11 and I will be getting him a phone in January when I get my upgrade. He goes to visit his dad and his grandparents and then of course his friends and I like having a phone that we can face time together with.

  • I think I got my first phone when I was 15 and that was because I bought it myself. It was a prepaid. My son is 7 and I gave him my old cell (deactivated) when he was like 5.

  • ammcmaho@mtu.edu'
    amanda @attachedmoms
    6 years ago

    I think that kids are becoming very disconnected due to technology. A plain phone is okay for emergencies at most ages, but anything with an app? Im thinking 15 or maybe 12…

  • My son is 8 and he has a phone but it really isn’t something he uses. It is more for when he is out without us and I want him to be able to get in touch with me.

  • That’s awesome that your daughter only uses her phone for calls. My daughter (sophomore in high school) uses hers for texting…and it gets annoying having to battle her to put it away.

  • I think 12 or 13 would be an ok age to have one. We haven’t reached this dilemma just yet, and it’ll all depend on activities our son is involved in at that age.

  • if your kid is too young to be on their own at home, then they are too young for a phone. Well at least that was my benchmark

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