HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Stocking Stuffers For The Hard To Buy For Person


Sometimes stockingscan be so hard to stuff if you aren’t quite sure what to get that is small enough to fit in the stocking and fun enough to receive. I know, I’ve been there. On BOTH ends. Well, I tried out a few products, felt them, used them and would definitely buy them for someone special.

Check out these stocking stuffers for the hard to buy for person on your list.


FOR THE COOK: Outer Spice is a new company that creates four highly versatile new low salt and no salt seasoning blends made from the finest, quality ingredients and hand sourced from around the world. The blends are all-natural, gluten-free, rich in anti-oxidants and contain no MSG. Each spice is finely ground by a family-owned artisanal spice company in Austin, and packaged the same day to ensure freshness and quality.

You can get all four seasonings for $6.99 each as a stocking stuffer HERE or at select Whole Food Markets.



FOR THE LOUD NOISE HATER: Maybe your ears get really sensitive at sports games or concerts get a little too loud for your liking? Or maybe there is that annoying person in your family you’d rather just tune out at your family gatherings? Just kidding…maybe not. DUBS is your solution!

The DUBS use dynamic attenuation to protect your ears while preserving sound fidelity. The DUBS reduce audio levels by an average of 12 dB, providing protection from loud noise and environments. The compact size of the DUBS mask the complexity of their 17 individual parts made of premium materials like stainless steel, ABS, polymer foams and silicone. The DUBS have a discrete, minimalist form factor that transforms a product originally designed for construction sites into a fashion accessory. With a small, protective case, DUBS safely fit into a pocket, clutch or jacket. The DUBS are reusable, built to last for countless adventures and nights out.


Available at, SoulCycle, TAO Group venues, Best Buy. You can snag them up in colors Teal, Blue, Pink and White.

NOTE: If your teenager isn’t listening to you, check their ears for DUBS! Just sayin’!



Artfolds, which debuted this month, are books that transform into personal works of art by folding the pages. Each book contains a set of simple instructions that help people of all ages fold the pages into decorative sculptures. Artfolds aren’t only a great craft to complete, but make a great tabletop decoration, especially the Snowflake and Christmas Tree for the holidays. The Classic editions are books geared toward the more adult crafter, containing an entire class work of literature. The Color editions are great for a young crafter filled with quotes and poems.

These are SO adorable and fun! You can snag up Artfolds at

PRICE: Get the Color Edition for $13, the Classic Edition for $20



We wear belts everyday and yet they still remain an afterthought lost in the world of accessories. Mission Belt Co is concerned solely about belts. Not only do the belts look great, fit perfect, but on top of everything, when you buy a Mission Belt you are also becoming a part of a great philanthropic effort or as we like to call it, ³The Mission.² Here at Mission Belt Co, we don¹t just want our customers to look good – we want them to feel good too. That¹s why a dollar from every belt sold goes to fight global hunger and poverty. To date, over 10,000 Kiva (peer-to-peer micro lending) micro-loans have been funded from the sales of Mission Belts.

PRICE: $26.99 (for kids) to $34.95-$39.95 (for adults) BUY ON



CamelBak Forge is a category-first and premium travel mug designed to bring the in-home coffee experience anywhere you go. Forge features a self-sealing lid and lock-open button combination, which creates a one-handed, leak-proof drinking experience and the option to vent and cool hot beverages. Forge’s technology is house externally on the cap making for easy cleaning. Forge can easily slip on a finger with its carry handle to make on-the-go transport easy even when your arms are full.

This travel mug is AMAZING. I’m pretty sure I will be giving this mug out to the coffee drinkers in my family. With CamelBak, you know you are getting a quality product.

PRICE: Available two sizes: 16 oz for $30 and 12 oz for $29.



We will keep adding to this list up until Christmas so be sure to bookmark us and come back!

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15 Responses to “HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Stocking Stuffers For The Hard To Buy For Person

  • Great suggestions. I love experimenting with seasonings that do not contain salt!

  • Love those ideas you shared with us, I’m a loud noise hater and so is my daughter I’m going to look into those dub headphones I like my quiet

  • My boy cousins are the hardest to buy for. Last year, they didn’t get much in their stockings. They were good sports, but we girls still felt bad. I want to make a greater effort this year and really find more stuff for them. These tips are great. I love the belt.

  • This is a great list for the difficult to buy for. In particular I like art folds

  • CAmelbaks are awesome gifts! I once received a Tervis Tumbler and I still use it!

  • So many great ideas here! I love the Art Folds and those dubs may be a gift to me from my snoring husband 🙂

  • These are great ideas. I can think of someone who would like each of these!

  • These are some great stocking stuffer ideas. I have a few people on my list this year that are difficult to buy for.

  • I love these ideas. I never would have thought of giving spices to a cook.

  • I love those suggestions. I tend to give spices to my friends as they enhance recipes.

  • Great list of gifts, this surely helps me with my own purchases this holiday!

  • I love the artfolds, I think thats such a creative idea and my daughter would have so much fun with it.

  • Aha! I’m checking my daughter’s ears for Dubs the second she gets home. I knew there was a reasonable explanation she wasn’t listening to me all of the time anymore. 😉

  • All great suggestions. I have a few friends who are extremely hard to shop for. I usually just give them a gift card.

  • I love folded books, when they are done properly they can look absolutely amazing. (though I feel for the books) x

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