Football Season is Here! Wow Your Game Day Guests with the Chex Mix Snackadium (GIVEAWAY)

With football season now here, Chex Mix has released a variety of simple and creative food ideas that are short on prep-time and tasty enough to unite fans rooting for the rivaling teams.

Using any of a variety of creative Chex Mix serving suggestions, it’s now easier than ever to wow your game day guests with delicious Chex Art! My favorite? The Chex Stadium! And you can make it at your house now too with a few supplies and these easy directions.


Chex Stadium

(6) loaf size pans (disposable foil type) approx. 4″ X 8″
(1) 15″ X 10″ Disposable cookie sheet for the field
(2) (4) Skewers for the flags
Heavy Wire for the goalposts

*Royal Icing or Cream Cheese
*Chex Mix: You can pick your favorites; we used Chex Mix Traditional, Dark Chocolate Chex Mix, Chex Mix Popped White Cheddar, Hot and Spicy Chex Mix, Chex Mix Muddy Buddies and Xtreme Habanero Lime Chex Mix.

Cut the short sides of the loaf pans at an angle towards the front. Then cut off the front of the pan, leaving a 1/2 -1 inch lip.

You can get the goalposts to stay in place by either poking the wire bases into a spoon of royal icing (extra firm) or by poking the wires through the bottom of the pan, bending each one over and taping to the outside bottom of the pan. Slide the snacks down the wire, or use the royal icing to stick them to the goalpost wire.

The skewers for the flags can be taped in to the corners (or you can use royal icing that hardens quickly). Then slide the snacks on to the skewers. Add the triangular snack to the top for the flag. You can use cream cheese or frosting (royal icing) to secure the top of the flag.

Tape the pans together for stability before you start to fill and decorate.

Using Royal Icing again, attach the Chex Mix square pieces to the borders of the pans. Then fill each outside well with a different snack mix.

Arrange rows of Dark Chocolate Chex Mix and Chex Mix Muddy Buddies to make the contrasting stripes of the field.
Sort out some garlic chips, and other (circular) pieces to make players for each team and place on the field.

How fun is this?

Now to help you get started on your own Chex Stadium, and Chex Mix are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a couple bags of Chex Mix! Enter to win below:

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Good Luck Mamasitas and Papasitos!

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