9 Great Christmas Gifts For Co-Workers


Great Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers
                Whether you have a secret Santa gift exchange, or just want to do something nice for that co-worker that always helps you out, finding a great Christmas gift can be a challenge. You don’t want to be too personal with someone at work, but you don’t want to just pick up the first thing you see on the drugstore’s gift display. Here are some ideas that won’t break the bank, but show that you put some thought into a nice gift.

      If your office mate likes tea or coffee there are some fun things you can put together. Get some nice tea, put in a mug or cup, and add this cute FRED MISTER TEA Infuser. For coffee lovers, this cute morning mug that changes faces when hot liquid is poured in it can be filled with a little bag of coffee.


                How about some chocolate to go with those drinks? Ferrero Rocher is a favorite around the holidays, and come in a wide range of sizes and prices. This 5.3 oz. assortment is just enough for your favorite colleague to enjoy.


                Who couldn’t use a 9-in-1 Pocket Micro Precision Screwdriver ? This can fit in anyone’s pocket or purse. This tool is great for repair on eyeglasses or watches, too. The screwdriver has a lifetime warranty and is less than ten dollars!


                Everybody has a cell phone, so these Premium Microfiber Smart Cloths are a useful gift. These are safe for all electronics and can even be used on glasses. Your eco-friendly co-workers will love the fact that these cloths are reusable and machine washable.


Another nifty cell phone accessory is a suction cup stand. This stand can keep your cell phone upright on a desk or table while you work. The mount is adjustable, fits most phones, and turns 360 degrees for easy and flexible viewing.


                For a humorous gift, try the Fred The Daily Mood Desk Flipchart. This funny desk-top accessory lets everyone know what kind of day someone’s having. With 47 moods to choose from, there should be one to fit your gift recipient every working day of the year.


                A small desk or box calendar is also a great idea. You can pick something to fit the person’s personality, whether scenic or maybe their favorite animal. Have a sarcastic co-worker? The Work Sucks! Boxed Calendar is sure to be a winner.

                If your associate is active, or you meet up at the gym, a reusable water bottle is a nice gift. There are so many to choose from and in many colors. There are small bottles and huge jugs available. Some bottles are for everyday use and some are more sports-minded, but any type you give would be useful.

                One item that is always a handy gift is a Christmas ornament that fits the person you are giving it to. Craft fairs are great places to pick up a unique ornament. Personalized ornaments can be found online as well. A pretty ornament in a nice package makes a festive and thoughtful present.

                With all these fabulous gift ideas for your colleagues, workplace gift giving should be a snap! You are sure to be thanked for giving a great present and brightening up your co-worker’s holiday. Happy gift giving!

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