6 Christmas Ornament Crafts to Make with Your Kids

Christmas Ornament Crafts to Make with Your Kids
With the winter weather coming, you will probably be running out of things to do with the kids stuck inside the house.  Why not do some Christmas Ornament Crafts? You and the kids can make some cute ornaments to put on the tree, or even give away as gifts.
Do you have puzzles lying around that are missing pieces? This Puzzle Piece ornament is so cute and easy to make.  With just the puzzle parts, some glue and paint, you can make several candy cane or wreath ornaments.
The whole family can get in the act with these adorable Handprint Snowmen Ornaments. Just use smaller bulbs for the little ones and regular sized for the adults.  Once the paint dries on these, you can go back and draw faces with a Sharpie. You can also glue on little felt pieces to look like scarves. These make a great gift for grandparents, and will be treasured in the family.
For something colorful, try these Crayon Drip Ornaments. You only need crayons (click here for great deals), a craft knife,  newspaper and a hair dryer.  Make sure to use clear glass ornaments, not plastic! You can add a bow on top and your ornament is ready to go on the tree.
If you have a lot of scrap ribbon available, these Ribbon Tree Ornaments are a great way to use them. Take the kids on a nature walk and find some sticks around 6 inches long. The ribbons are tied around the stick in the shape of a Christmas tree. The kids can tie, and you can glue them down.  A piece of twine at the top, and voila! a decorative ornament. Whether traditional red and green, or wintry blues and silvers, let the creativity flow while you create your ornament masterpiece.
There always has to be one craft with pipe cleaners, right? This kid-friendly candy cane ornament  only requires colored pipe cleaners and some pony beads.  This would be a fun rainy/snowy day activity or a group activity that won’t cost a ton of money.
Toilet paper roll ornament medium resolution
Last but not least, the toilet paper roll craft ornament. This Christmas Flower Ornament is quite pretty and can be painted in different colors. Who doesn’t have paint, glitter and glue in their craft stash at home? Using small marbles as an embellishment also makes this ornament unique.
Whether the kids are bored, or you want some new ornaments for your Christmas tree, these ideas should get you started. Enjoy the time with your children during the busy holiday season, and create some lovely ornaments together.
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