KID SAID WHAT: The Song Stuck In My Head Is Kind Of Cool


Whenever we drive to daycare in the mornings, Lola and I don’t have a whole lot of conversation as she is like her mother…NOT the morning person. We usually sit in silence looking at the rising sun and the beautiful view of the lake. However this morning was different. I cranked up the radio and we sang and jammed out loudly to Katy Perry’s “Birthday”.

It was after the song that I turned the volume back down on our booming Camry to started flipping through the radio station. It was then that Lola randomly comments, “Mom, I love it when songs float around in my head. I really like it when they are my favorite songs.”

This really made me smile because you all know how that is, getting that song stuck in your head after hearing it on the radio or as you see or hear something that reminds you of that song. Often times it is one of those annoying moments where you wish your brain would just choose a different focus. While it isn’t always your favorite song, it is a catchy song. Lola is just now realizing that songs do get stuck in your head at random moments and she thinks it’s kind of cool. We’ll see what she says in, say, 5 years or so.

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8 Responses to “KID SAID WHAT: The Song Stuck In My Head Is Kind Of Cool

  • Aww, I love that she was so descriptive in saying “the song floats around in my head.” My daughters often sing lyrics from the songs on the radio.

  • Awww!! That is so precious! I love the way she explained it,“Mom, I love it when songs float around in my head” Float around, that is definitely what its like!

  • I have a 9 year old who loves to memorize song lyrics … she swears it helps her concentrate on her homework when she listens to her favorites, and Roar and Firework are two of her favorites!

  • My daughter loves Katy Perry and sings all day the Roar song. Her energy singing it is contagious 🙂

  • That is pretty cute! She’s really thinking!

  • This is cute! I love when my little girl and I sing together. It definitely is a cute bonding experience. =)

  • That is sweet that she likes having heads stuck in her head. “Floating around” is a fun way to think of it.

  • Awww too cute, same thing with my son too. He keep singing songs and sometimes say it too. I am glad to find out I am not alone lol

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