8 Leaf Crafts Perfect For Fall!

This fall, combine two things your little ones love the most: painting and collecting leaves! Provide your child(ren) with orange and yellow paint and allow them to create their own design. Afterwards, go on a leaf hunt; taking the opportunity to have a brief leaf preschool lesson too.

Once the paint is dry, teach your child to trace the leaves onto the backside of his/her painting. Cut leaves together and draw on veins (again, this is a great opportunity to hold a brief preschool lesson).

After your leaves are cut and veins are drawn on, crinkle leaves for added effect.

Tape leaf creations to your favorite window.


Can’t get enough leaves?

Take a look at the SEVEN MORE leaf crafts below!

Let’s start at Homework! There, Carolyn has more leaf painting ideas. She teaches us how to use crayons and watercolors to make leaf imprints that are naturally beautiful! While you are there, add a craft for mom into your schedule with her Faux Wood Leaves. She uses her leaves as vessels to show what she is thankful for. Scattering them about in a shallow bowl makes for a noticeable entryway table accent.

Does your little one love to collect things? Instead of keeping bags of leaves and fall collections tossed about your home, allow your child to paint a beautiful memory box instead. Confessions of an Overworked Mom has a beautiful memory box painted with leaves! Before I had the opportunity to read her tutorial, I thought she created a stunning piece of wall art instead… it really is a work of art that you must see!

Amanda, of Crafts by Amanda, has two versions of leaf finger puppets for you to choose from. The first Leaf Finger Puppets are made with felt and decorative embellishments. (They fit perfectly on little fingers.) The second is an upcycled craft that uses toilet paper rolls and collections found about your yard/or nearby park. These Fall Leaf Finger Puppets are the perfect craft for families on a snug crafting budget.

Did I tell you that Amanda is my most creative friend on the block? I still have two more of her amazing leaf crafts to tell you about! Up next is a sparkling project that kids of all ages will enjoy. Using recycled paper grocery bags, paint a glittery masterpiece and then…. stop…. that’s all I can say! See what she does next when you visit Crafts by Amanda and read about her Glitter Paper Leaves!

I may have saved the best for last! This next craft is a great project to complete before a fall field trip or family vacation. Use stamps to make a Fall Leaves Shirt. Make one for everyone in the family – just be sure you aren’t having so much fun stamping that you forget to get the kids involved.


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