5 Baby Gifts That Will Make Mom’s Life So Much Easier


You always seem to get the same ol’ traditional baby gifts like a diaper bag, baby clothes, bottles and pacifiers, that, don’t get me wrong, ARE nice to get. But instead of searching the mom-to-be’s baby shower gift list, why not think outside of the box and get a gift that will make mom’s life SO much easier. Saving Mamasita rounded up 5 baby gifts that you probably never would have thought of had you not visited us here. We have tried these gifts for ourselves and oh how they have been LIFE savers.


1. Diaper Clutch: $16.99

When my little Lola was an infant, I used a diaper bag, however that dang thing became a pain in my behind. Not only did I forget my purse sometimes when I had my diaper bag in tow, I often times threw the extra diapers in my purse, which would then sometimes be all crinkled and ruined by the time I needed them. So, mamas and papas, I introduce to you…the trendy and very convenient diaper clutch.

Keep your diapers and wipes organized with a grey chevron diaper clutch from Rilos & MiMi. A diaper clutch is a great baby accessory for any parent. A diaper clutch keeps diapers and wipes organized in your purse, back pack, or vehicle. Each diaper clutch fits almost every type of travel wipes case (The Honest Company, Pampers, Parent’s Choice, and more), 2-3 diapers up to size 6 or pull ups. There is even room for diaper rash cream when using smaller diapers.

What makes this diaper clutch great?

The open window in wipe case pocket makes you able to grab the wipes without having to take the case out, while the velcro strap makes for easy one handed opening and closing which is important to parents of small children. The clutch allows you to quickly grab and go with one hand to the restroom and change your baby. No worrying about dropping the diaper or wipes when carrying your child.

Don’t you just LOVE this chevron pattern? I actually feel like a cool mom carrying this around!

Get the diaper clutch here.


2. Baby Towel: $39.99

This is not just any baby towel though. This towel is so big that it will wrap completely around your little one. This is such an adorable hooded blue chevron hooded monster bath towel that is so soft and warm that little ones love being bundled up in it. Each towel is made with new material only. The base of the towel is very soft flannel and fleece, the eyes and teeth are 100% flannel. The spikes are fleece. The towel portion is an expensive, very soft 100% cotton towel.

Get this cute little baby towel here at Rilos and Mimi.


3. Pacifier Clip: $8.99

You never really think of these things until you actually have a baby. I remember buying numerous pacifiers because we would always, always, ALWAYS lose the dang things. That is why this is genius. A pacifier clip can be attached to bibs, clothing, car seat, high chair, or stroller.

Order your pacifier clip here at Rilos and Mimi.


4. Chevron Laminate Pocket Bib with Terry Cloth Backing: $12.99

I don’t know about you but my kids STILL should be wearing these when they eat, especially my 8-year-old. Keep your kiddos clean with this fun, trendy, and practical laminate pocket bib. The terry cloth backing means that once finished wearing AND use it as a rag to wash up!

Order yours HERE.


5. True Timber Camouflage Baby Gift Set by Rilos and Mimi: $19.99

This gift is perfect gift for a new mom or dad who enjoys hunting and the outdoors. The camouflage baby gift set includes practical items needed for a day out with your baby. Keep the items of the gift set in your vehicle to be ready for baby at any time.

Each Camouflage Baby Gift Set Includes:

True Timber Camouflage Diaper Clutch
True Timber Camouflage Diaper Changing Pad
True Timber Camouflage Pacifier Clip
True Timber Camouflage Hand Sanitizer Cozy

Order yours HERE.

They have other patterns you can order too, if you aren’t into camouflage.

Are there baby gifts that you received that made your life so much easier?



Rilos & MiMi are the nicknames of owner Christy Remmick’s identical twin daughters. The nicknames were given to the twins by their big brother Hunter when they were babies. Being a busy mom it’s important to have practical items that not only help make life easier for yourself, kids, and other family members but also to help environment. Each of Rilos & MiMi’s products has a story on why it was created and who it was created for. Rilos & MiMi is truly a ground up company starting based in North Dakota. It started from selling items on eBay to fund purchasing fabric to make products to sell. All Rilos & MiM items are proudly made in the USA.

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