10 Makeup Bag Essentials: What’s In Your Bag?

Almost every woman likes to carry a makeup bag in her purse or backpack. The problem is that too many woman have no clue on what to put in their makeup bag. Here is a list of 10 Makeup Bag essentials that should be in your makeup bag.

1. Tweezers– A pair of pointy tipped tweezers are a makeup bag essential. These can be used for tweezing any stray eyebrow hairs within seconds.

2. Skin Moisturizer– A tube of facial moisturizer with a high SPF rating should be a makeup essential. You can choose a tinted one if you want to add a little color to your face.

3. Mascara– Mascara is a makeup must have. Choose either a black or brown shade. Choose one that is waterproof so you will not end up with mascara streaks down your face.

4. Blush- Choose a blush that suits your complexion. A natural tone works the best.

5. Bronzer– A bronzer is a makeup bag essential. It can be used to add some color to your cheeks. It will also highlight your facial contours.

6. Eyeshadow– Eyeshadow in neutral tones are must haves for every woman. They will accent your eyes and can be used year round.

7. Lipstick– A couple of tubes of lipstick is all you really need in your makeup bag. Choose shades that compliment your skin tone.

8. SPF Cream– No matter the season, protecting your skin from the sun is important. Choose an SPF cream that is non-oily and has a high SPF rating.

9. Lip Gloss– Lip gloss can be used in place of lipstick when you want to protect your lips without adding too much color. It will provide moisture to your lips without the creamy texture of lipstick. You can choose a clear lip gloss or one with a little color.

10. Skin Cleanser– Skin cleanser should also be in your makeup bag. This is great for when you might be spending the night away from home. A foaming skin cleanser is best. A little goes a long way in removing makeup from your face.

What is a must have for your makeup bag?

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