Tips for Saving Money on Furniture


Furniture is a necessity in all homes. When it comes to purchasing furniture, it can become quite expensive. Knowing how to save money on furniture will mean more money in your pocketbook. Follow these simple tips on how to save money on furniture.

Tips for Saving Money on Furniture

1. Shop the Thrift Stores– You would be amazed at some of the good used furniture items that you can find at your local thrift store. Make sure to check it often as items are restocked on a weekly basis. Avoid purchasing sofa’s or mattresses as you never know what kind of creatures live within. Wooden furniture such as tables, desks, bookcases, lights, and so forth are items that are fine to purchase at second-hand stores.

2. Watch for Sales– Watch your local flyers for end of the season sales. Some of the large department stores stock their stores with small furniture pieces. Purchasing what furniture pieces you need at the end of a season will save you a nice chunk of change.

3. Shop the Garage Sales– You could also shop at the garage sales for furniture as well. People that are moving out of state or even across town often have garage sales to get rid of some of their stuff. The only drawback of this is that you may have to rent a truck to transport your furniture if your vehicle is not big enough to move the load.

These tips on how to save money on furniture will definitely save you some pennies. A rule of thumb would be to only furniture pieces that are necessary. Replace or repair any broken furniture pieces as soon as it gets broke. This way you will not be faced with having to replace a whole bunch of furniture all at once.'
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22 Responses to “Tips for Saving Money on Furniture

  • Thank goodness right now I don’t need any furniture. I like your tips on saving money though. I love shopping thrift stores.

  • I need a Kitchen table and then were finally all set for furniture for our two bedroom apartment.

    Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    7 years ago

    I used to work at a furniture store and I still get a killer discount when I shop there.

  • Great tips, since we just bought a new house we have been finding great deals instead of buying brand new. I love saving money!!

  • These are all great tips. Sometimes used items are in excellent condition.

    Jennifer Williams
    7 years ago

    I have been thrift store shopping for weeks to get furniture. I love to refinish things. You do have to be careful, I found a mirror that I loved in one store and they priced it at $120, I wanted it so bad I went to Lowes and bought the materials to make it for $40.

  • Thank you for this post, it’s a good one! Especially since we’re in the market for some living room furniture!

  • We actually used a Groupon to buy our couch and chair set a few years ago (and waited for them to go on sale.) It saved us a good amount of money, and it’s the first brand new couch we’ve owned!

  • I love shopping garage sales and thrift stores!

  • I like to browse the yard sales too. Got a fabulous desk for only $20 last year. It just needs a little sanding and some paint and it’s good to go!

  • Great tips we are big on visiting used furniture stores for good quality items.

  • I have not shopped at garage sales but many people tell me it is a great way to save. I should give it a try.

  • I know that there are such good deals to be found in all of the places you mentioned. I always feel so lucky too, if I score a great piece of furniture cheap!

  • We watch the sales when we need furniture and tend to buy around the different holidays when they have some great deals. There seems to be fewer and fewer furniture stores around now. I think the internet has given them too much competition.

  • Fantastic tips – I managed to get some great items when I moved into my last flat from second hand stores – even gave some of back to go onto the next person when I moved lol. x

  • Great tips – furniture is so expensive! We’ve had our furniture forever but will be passing it on to our daughter soon and will be buying new furniture.

  • Almost all of my aunt and uncle’s furniture were bought in Thrift Stores. You can seriously find some precious gems in them. I’ve accompanied my family to a few and was blown away at the quality of items.

  • Great tips. Thrift stores, estate sales, craigslist, and even ebay, if the seller is local…everything but the furniture store LOL

  • Great tips, we were big garage sale goers, well still are not really for furniture, my son found an awesome leather couch for $500 this spring, way worth it.

  • I’ve always had great luck at yard sales. We have a lot of seasonal visitors so they’re always selling their stuff!

  • My daughter and I always love going to yard sales during the summer! We also love going to thrift shops, you never know what cool things you might find!

  • I also prefer thrift stores for shopping furniture items. They offer excellent deals on used furniture which offers value for money. Apart from that one can also check for online deals and during festive season there are some jaw dropping deals on branded furniture.

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