5 Tips on Soothing a Teething Child

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It can be really frustrating for a parent who has a baby who is teething. You can expect the baby to be cranky, downright miserable even. Signs of discomfort are apparent and crying can go on for hours. Several hours of the day are spent trying to soothe the teething child. Here are some tips on how to soothe a child who is teething. These tips will help to relieve their pain and save your sanity.

Tips on Soothing a Teething Child

coolcompressgreen sprouts Cool Calm Press, Owl

1. Cold Compress– Make up a cold compress using a facecloth or even a cold gel pack. Run it under cold water so that it is not completely frozen. Apply it to the face for 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off. This should relieve some of the discomfort and swelling.

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2. Over the Counter Meds– Parents of teething children often use over the counter meds such as children’s Tylenol. Give these to your child to help relieve teething pain. Follow instructions to as how many to give the child and at what interval.

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3. Give Them Cold Treats– Give them cold treats such as popsicles, freezies, or jello. These will soothe the gums and also keep them hydrated.

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4. Teething Rings– Teething rings are great for sore gums. Several different types are available. They have teething rings that are filled with liquid and others are hollow inside.

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5. Orajel– Some parents count on Orajel to relieve teething pain. At one time, this over the counter topical ointment was given to a teething child, regardless of age. This has since changed and it is now recommended not to use it on children under 2 years of age.

A child who is teething will be fussy and in a lot of pain. Massaging the gums seems to help, so make sure that you massage their gums daily. Try to distract them as much as possible by turning on their favorite television show or even some music.

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15 Responses to “5 Tips on Soothing a Teething Child

  • Great tips. I used teething tablets for my first son, but then discovered amber teething necklaces. They were a life saver.

  • Very interesting. I would always give my baby something frozen. Usually some breastmilk popcicles would do the trick. Thanks for sharing your methods.

  • The frozen teething ring worked best for me

  • Great tips! So glad I’m pass this but now it’s potty training 🙁

  • My wife always gave my boys something frozen to help them out. Teething is tough.

  • We tried several of those. Had decent results with frozen teething rings and Orajel, sometimes together.

  • Oh this is so good to read! My little one is just starting to teethe (she’s 3 months) and she’s drooling ALL OVER the place lol. She’s still too young to hold a teething ring in her mouth, but if I hold it for her… she’ll chomp away.

    I’ll be keeping this list in my mind for when things get real.

  • when my bella was teething I made home made teething cookies. I also made some frozen yogurt pops.

  • Teething rings and oragel were invaluable when my kids were teething. That owl cold compress is so cute!

  • Sounds like some great tips – teething rings seem to be so cute sometimes. x

  • Orajel worked the best. Although not all babies will let you put it in their mouths.

  • These are great tips! My cousin’s baby is teething and the poor little thing cries her lungs out at night. It’s all I could do not to cry myself when she is hurting like that. I shall point my cousin in your direction, I think she’ll find this post informative.

  • I don’t use pain relievers, but I love the cold natural methods. Little one only has two teeth, so we have a long way to go!

  • Thanks for sharing! My toddler has just one set of molars we are waiting on… then it’s done!

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