Weighting Patiently: The Big One Week Weigh In


I have been drinking my morning shakes. I’ve cut out coffee. I’ve been pushing myself just a little bit more in the gym (heck, I even went to the gym on a weekend day!). I must admit, I am feeling a little bit better, albeit it has only been a week. Cripes, I’d like to think that my clothes are feeling a little bit looser and my headaches from eliminating coffee from my daily routine are gone.

After one week of better eating (ie smaller portion sizes and healthier food in general) incorporated with my regular fitness regime of 3-4 times a week in the gym, I have officially stepped on the scale to see if by chance it has budged.

Cripes, I was sick for a few days this winter and I lost four pounds from not eating much of anything AND not working out so I thought for sure I would have at least have lost one pound. So after this big week of change I had to have lost at least something, right?


I am sad to report that the scale has NOT moved.


I get it. It has ONLY been a week so I need to give it time. I need to continue to do what I am doing and then re-evaluate after another week right?

Well, a day after weigh-in I knew dang well I was frustrated and I turned into an emotional mess. I not-so-happily downed my protein shake for breakfast, then somewhere between after lunch and before late afternoon snack I failed. Hello massive sub sandwich with crispy bacon and ranch. Hello Milky Way candy bars. And well, I already screwed up that day, so why not top it off with a big fat Hello to apple pie and ice cream.

Yep, it wasn’t pleasant, but I am back on track again after that mess.

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