adidas Hot Seller: The Stan Smith


The ever popular Stan Smith sneakers, one of adidas’ all time classics is back and better than ever!  And aren’t they adorable?!!

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Remember back in the day, when everyone wore the Stan Smith‘s from adidas? If you don’t remember, let me share a brief bit of history with you, the shoe is named after Stan Smith, who won major tennis titles wearing these beauties, including the 1968 U.S. Open and the 1970 Australian Open. Well, they haven’t been on the shelves in years and now on their 40th anniversary…they are back! It’s not just the classic colorway either…adidas has introduced some super sleek apparel and even two versions of Stan Smith adidas Up shoes for the ladies! adidas has told me these are flying off the shelves and won’t be around forever…so act now and get free shipping!

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