Waiting So Patiently (Sort Of) For My Next Order From Zulily!


Let’s face it, kids are expensive little pets (and I mean that as a term of endearment). I love my little ones, but I tell you, they need, need, need and want, want, want! As they go through their growth spurts I have noticed that a lot of the clothes they wear are like brand new. I have spent many years buying them name-brand clothing and them barely even wearing the darn things more than a few times. So, a couple years ago I came across this site called zulily.com. I’m pretty sure you have heard of it.

So what is so fabulous about Zulily?

1. Well for me, I LOVE getting packages in the mail. How fun is it to open up a package from the UPS or FedEx man? That’s what I thought. Fun times!

2. Zulily carries name brands that I love for EVERY member of my family! Uggs, US Polo ASSN, Calvin Klein, Ruum, Eddie Bauer, Vice Versa, Danskin, Hanna Andersson, Matilda Jane, Mud Pie are some of my favorites, just to name a few. I have purchased my daughter’s dance clothes, my son’s basketball and gym clothes and my tweenagers’ room decor from Zulily as well. And to keep things interesting (and you coming back to shop some more), new brands are added daily!

3. Their customer service! I had a piece of clothing that did not fit and even though they do not allow exchanges, they did credit my account so I was able to get my money back.

4. Their referral program! For every friend you invite to Zulily, you receive a $15 credit after their first order ships. Sweet! If you would like to sign up now, feel free to use my link HERE.

Here are a few of the brands on Zulily at the moment:

UGG Australia on sale at zulilyTimberland on sale at zulily

Skechers: Women & Men on sale at zulily

Star Wars Collection on sale at zulily

Toddler Toys – from $7.99 at zulily

Sperry, Keds & Jessica Simpson on sale at zulily

Disney Princess Collection on sale at zulily

O’Neill – up to 55% off at zulily

And yes, on the way is a Disney Princess wig for my daughter Lola, a fun t-shirt (which I cannot reveal now because I know she is reading this post…yep, I see you Autumn!) for my tween and a Minecraft t-shirt for my son Carter. I cannot wait!

For all you bloggers looking to make a little extra money, join the Zulily affiliate program!

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

60 Responses to “Waiting So Patiently (Sort Of) For My Next Order From Zulily!

  • I heard about them having a sale on UGGS there and it definitely caught my eye because it is one of my favorite brands.

  • I love Zuililly so cheap. My kids shop on there and make wish lists!

  • I have heard of them and seen their ads but have never looked into them. My kids are just babies right now and I am a big consignment shopper because they outgrow their clothes monthly.

  • I bought a pair of running shoes from them this past summer. I spent ten dollars for a pair of running shoes for myself can you believe 10 bucks for shoes. I thought would make a great workout shoe and it did.

  • I’ve heard of Zulily, but unsure if they delivery to where I live, will have to take a look

  • I’ve heard of them, but I am more of a go out to the store and shop kind of gal. Maybe someday I will check it out, though.

  • I am going to have to check Zulily out. I’ve seen ads, but never investigated. How is there shipping? I love (another very popular site) because they offer free shipping. Regardless of that, Zulily seems to offer a lot of great brands that I like!

  • I totally love Zulily! I sell hundreds of my little crochet hats from http://www.HUGGABEANS.COM! There are so many mommies using the website–and I love it!

  • I’ve heard of Zulily but never used their website. I really need to check them out because I just finished shopping for my daughter’s Spring clothes and spent $500!!!! OUCH!!!

  • I’ve heard so much about Zulily and know you can score some fantastic deals, but I have yet to order from them. Guess I’m worried that they don’t have as much for little boys.

  • I check them out from time to time, actually on my to do list for today. We just moved so I am trying to save money on the things we need and Zulilly helps me do that.

  • I enjoy shopping from Zulily, and am never quite so patient waiting for it to come in. I love when they carry the licensed products for the kiddos.

  • I have heard so many good things about Zulily but still have not checked them out. I need to visit them today and check out the sales.

  • I need to check their sandals. For many years, I couldn’t wear sandals because I had a lift in one shoe. Now that I have had surgery and both my legs are the same length, I can wear sandals. So many styles to choose from at Zulily.

  • Every day I get a delivery feels like my birthday! You never know what is in the big brown box πŸ™‚ I will have to check out Zulily Thanks! (Kim)

  • I recently placed my first order on Zulily. I ordered my daughter the prettiest pair of jewel sandals and a pair of dressy shoes. The only thing I do not like about them is how long it takes them to ship items. BUT, the fact that their items are so cute and cheap, totally makes up for the length of shipping time.

  • I’ve seen ads for Zulily, but I always thought it was just a scam so I’ve never ordered from them before. I’ll have to check them out!

  • Oh Princess selection! Will have to look into this! πŸ™‚

  • They really do have the cutest products! And l just love their name. It’s so whimsical and fun!

  • I havent ordered from zulilly yet. I really need to check them out because they have great deals.

  • I didn’t realize they carried all of those name brands! Awesome!

  • I have never ordered from them but I love what I see.

  • They are a great web site I just placed an order of toys from them this morning. It is amazing how much you can save from them.

    • Mamasita A
      7 years ago

      I agree! The savings are pretty awesome. And they are usually brands you are familiar with!

  • We’ve never ordered from Zulily but I think I’m the only person that I know who hasn’t. LOL. Everyone has such great things to say about it.

  • I will have to check out their sales and some of their merchandise. I have heard about this company and see their ads and I really need to just check them out in more detail.

  • I’ve heard of Zulily but never checked them out. I’ll have to hop on over and see what kind of deals I can find!

  • Zulily rocks! I love them! Thanks for listing some of the brands they have. I’ve shopped with them before, but have never really taken the time to go through the site and figure out everything they carry at any given time.

  • That site has such cute stuff for kids. My kids are older so I haven’t really explored it

  • That is a pretty neat site. Lots of name brands. I can see how receiving packages in the mail being fun! LOL =)

  • I haven’t gotten anything from them just yet but have wanted too. Their stuff looks great

  • I always forget about Zulilly. Then I hear about the great sale or see the cute stuff people get and head right over.

  • I’ve heard so much about this site but have never surfed it.. I should look into this! Great sales it looks like!

  • I love the deals at Zulily. I can always find something there! And, I also really like getting packages!

  • I shop there regularly and I’m an affiliate as well. The only thing I don’t like is that it takes a while before you actually get your items, so don’t buy something wanting it next week. πŸ™‚

  • I have never ordered from Zulily although I am always tempted too. Somehow I am not comfortable shopping for clothes online. I have to try it before I buy it.

  • Oh, I love zulily! They always have some great deals!

  • I have stalked Zulily’s site a few times, just haven’t bought anything (yet). They definitely have some great deals at times!

  • I have never heard of zulily! I have to check this out πŸ˜€

  • I heard a lot of their website too. I’m hoping to save some money to buy some Maxi dress.

  • Wow, I can’t seem to wait for the photos of your orders!

  • looked into Zulily and I am now an affiliate for them. they have some really beautiful clothes

  • Yeah. that’s the problem with Zulily. I’m a vendor with them.. and it takes about 4 weeks to process orders. The great thing about Zulily is that they support local businesses. It provides a wonderful opportunity for people to sell! Love it!

  • I love Zulily! They always have such amazing discounts – which is so important when trying to clothe a growing child!

  • never ordered from them but will definitely visit them today. You are them little human beings are soooo expensive, but you’ve got to love them.

    • Mamasita A
      7 years ago

      Yes, they are definitely expensive little creatures.

  • I haven’t ever shopped through Zulily but they have amazing deals!

  • I’ve never shopped with Zulily but i hear they have great sales on lot of good items.

    • Mamasita A
      7 years ago

      They really do. If you have a smart phone they have an app to download. I check the app daily to see what is new.

  • I was just shopping on Zulily this morning! I LOVE them so!

  • It’s only been just recently that I figured out how amazing Zulily is. Good, good stuff!

  • I’ve heard how awesome it is, but I’ve never checked it out. I need to fix that, for sure. πŸ™‚

  • They have some really cute stuff at really great prices. I’d rather shop online that go to the mall so this is perfect for me!

  • I think I have a Zulily addiction. They have the best deals!

  • I’ve never shopped Zulily, for some reason I thought they were just kids. I had no idea they carried all those brands.

  • I ordered from Zulilly once and was pleased with the ease of my order. I would order again. I liked the discount and loved the ease of ordering.

  • I haven’t ordered from them yet, but plan to. They seem to always have such great deals on cute stuff!

  • I’ve never ordered from Zuilly! I so need to – my daughter has grown and needs new clothes.

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