5 Best Non Violent Video Games For Kids


Ok so I know game systems aren’t the best way to parent a child, but let me tell you one thing right now, if I need my kiddo to be quiet for a hot minute while I am on the phone or trying to get something done, it doesn’t hurt for them to sit on a video system for a little while. Now I am not talking about letting my kids play games where killing and extreme violence is involved, there are good games out there that are acceptable (in my eyes) for a kid to play. Check out the 5 best non violent video games for kids below!

1. Minecraft

What is hot right now is Minecraft. My 7 year old son absolutely loves Minecraft. Not only is it educational, it is engaging. It’s a sandbox game, which means that there is no linear progression. Minecraft is all about building, exploring, discovering and creating.

2. Just Dance

Just Dance is a fun, friendly way to keep the kids entertained AND active. And even you, mom and dad, can get into this one!


3. Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers is pretty much a classic. Any version, any game system, it’s always fun and colorful.

4. Toy Story

This is such a fun game for kids especially when it comes to reaching levels and receiving rewards. Everything is an event, from completing a mission to the arrival of new toys, to mining for gold, to riding Bullseye around and hearing the wonderful sound effects. The graphics are awesome and the creators of the game make it easy to earn coins to purchase new items. Each new toy you purchase comes with new missions you can complete and the open world format is so much fun. As a parent, it is entertaining to watch because of the graphics! Your kids will have a blast.

5. Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is the new craze! This includes Video Game and INFINITY Base. It also includes base piece that allows access to 3 INFINITY Characters: Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles AND 3 INFINITY Characters: Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow, and Sulley. And parents, with this starter pack you also get your first INFINITY Power Disc and unique web codes to unlock content online and on your mobile device.

Do you have any video games that you let your kids play that aren’t on this list? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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33 Responses to “5 Best Non Violent Video Games For Kids

  • I am totally with you on Mario Brothers. It is extremely fun, yet innocent at the same time.

  • amber@jadelouisedesigns.com'
    Amber Edwards
    7 years ago

    My kids absolutely love Minecraft. Although we only have the tablet version. But it is their favorite.

  • My kids are obsessed with both Minecraft and Mario – although mario is a little violent. They have to kill bowser to save the princess and squash the goombas.

  • Thanks for posting. Its nice to know that there are still kid friendly games out there still.

  • This is a really great list. My eight year old begged for an XBox for Christmas simply because he found out that there was a Minecraft game for it. Both of my boys (8yr old and 15 yr old) absolutely love Mincraft!

  • Makes me happy to see Super MArio Brothers on the list. Such a classic yet keeps up with the times. One of my kids loves video games. Going to bookmark for later. Thanks

  • My 12 year old son is such a big fan of Minecraft! he tries to get me to play even though I am clueless about video games

  • It’s really hard to find non violent games nowadays, which is quite sad… it seems like the more popular ones tend to have violent aspects to them. Tis is a great list you compiled – Mario always goes on mine as well!

  • My son loves to play Minecraft. He plays it online with some of his friends.

  • I always liked the Mario Brothers, very good games, Always were. Glad they made the list.

  • I have to admit I love Disney infinity – I have most of the characters! I’m sure a big kid lol x

  • That’s a great list! My girls have been playing Minecraft lately but my oldest (11 year old) actually pulls out our original NES with the original Mario game. We’re also huge Disney Infinity and Just Dance fans.

  • My kids love Just Dance and Dance Central! I love that there are so many non-violent games out there.

  • We haven’t been into video games. I remember in the past playing super mario. It was addictive and fun.

  • My son has 3 of the 5 games mentioned above. His all time favorite is minecraft. He has been playing it since he was 3. I have NO idea what that game is about. Even his dad is a HUGE minecraft player…All I see are blocks…hahah

  • we have all of those except for Just Dance, I would need another system for that one as my boys would never allow it on theirs! I love playing the lego game with my youngest though he is only 4 and beats me often.

  • These are great games! We try not to let the kids play too much. This is a great list though

  • Thanks for putting this together!! I’m going to pin it to my kids board. I don’t like the Katy Perry song on JD14 bc I think that some kids are too young to be dealing with that kids of adult situation but my girls just skip over it.

  • Until today, I still play Just Dance – it’s just so much fun!

  • Give me Mario Bros any day! Such memories as a kid playing that 🙂

  • My kids are grown now but some of these games they played over the years. I have quite a few younger nieces and nephews that are into these games now and it is fun to watch them play.

  • I love minecraft and Mario brothers. I grew up on mario brothers myself and it’s got that nostalgia factor. It makes me much more likely to buy it and play along with the kids.

  • Great selection and we own all of them except for Just Dance 2014. They are obsessed with Minecraft and hubby and I love Mario. 🙂

  • My husband is a big gamer. There are actually alot of nonviolent games. I love playing Rock band!

  • My kids and grandkids love Minecraft. I tried to get into it, but just couldnt. lol

  • I love all of the Mario games! There are some puzzle games, also some sports games, that are great for kids.

  • My son is a huge gamer, as was I back when I had that magical thing called “time.” He’s huge into Minecraft. I love it because he gets so creative with it. Although, to be honest, he does occasionally set traps to drown his friends in lava, lol.

  • My children haven’t quite hit the age of video games yet, but I know its coming. Its good to know there are options that are appropriate.

  • Son has all these games except the Dance game we haven’t gotten that one yet.

  • Super Mario Brothers is awesome! I’ve been wanting to get a new copy for a while and now I really want to get it even more now that I’ve been reminded of it hahaha

  • I love the just dance and my kids are all about mine craft – i love just dance as I can bust a move and not feel embarrassed (embarrass my kids in public)

  • My nephews are obsessed with Super Mario Brothers.

  • I don’t have young children but I love this list. Video games are great for teaching hand eye coordination but there’s not reason it needs to be a violent game.

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